Twitch Streamer Summit1g's Net Worth 2018: His Sources Of Income And Assets

Known by his name Summit1gJaryd Lazar who rose to stardom via streaming his gaming abilities on his Twitch channel has managed to ama s s a huge number of fan following.      

Along with such great popularity, he gathered himself a huge net worth. People are curious to know about his earning especially from his online presence. So, how much is his net worth? How has he managed his income? Let's dig in.     

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Summit1g?

As of January 2019, Summit1g's total a s sets are estimated to be around $1.3 million. He mostly earns from his professional career as a Twitcher, YouTuber, and Gamer.

In Twitch platform he has 3,433,761 followers as of January 2019 and as per Huffington Post, he makes $3 for each subscriber which leads him to make over $46,000 solely from his subscribers.

CAPTION: Summit1g SOURCE: Gamebyte

Similarly, as the sources shared he gets $37.50 through ads per each hour. He earns $825 per week, over $3,300 per month. His annual income makes up to $39,600. Following his rank, he is ranked 6th on the follower index and 13th in the view rank.

Not only with the Twitch account, but he also earns from his youtube channel. He earns $319 - $5.1k monthly and his estimated yearly earning through YouTube is around $3.8k to $61.2k. Talking of his channel subscribers, he earned 528,415 subscribers in just 6 years |(as of January 2019) after launching his channel on 18 Jan 2013.

As he was a former professional gamer, he earned a reasonable sum which lent his hand to increase his net worth. In 2013, he was placed 7th in ESEA Invite Season 15 where he won $3,000. He received cash prize money of $29,000 from the Alienware gaming Community.

He has made a huge name in the streaming industry. There is no doubt that, he gathers more money from sponsorships and endorsement deals from companies like Monster, Corsair, CyberPower PC etc.

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Summit1g's Charity And Properties: Cars And Houses

He is quite an internet sensation who is living the lavish life with his younger brother at Colorado Springs. Summit1g is involved in charities as well who donates money to Gamers Outreach as a philanthropist. This organization provides therapies and recreation through video games to several children in the hospital.

With the decent inflow of money from his online profession, he owns a Nissan GT- R which lists at $175,540 USD.

Few GTR pics since ppl have asked forever.

— summit1g (@summit1g) June 28, 2016

Like other internet sensations, he has not disclosed information about his wealth. The 31-years-old Twitcher is learning and gaining experience which will surely help him increase his net worth in future.

Summit1g: Quick Facts

  • Jaryd Lazar aka Summit1g was born on April 23, 1987, in Orange County, CA, the US. 
  • He is married Desirae in 2007 and divorce in 2016. He is currently in a relationship with the streamer lilchiipmunk.
  • He gained most viewers after streaming the pre-fight conference between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor.  
  • His biggest fear is being burned down alive and spiders.  

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