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Summit1g, a professional video game streamer, as well as an internet personality, came into the limelight through live streaming video on his Twitch channel. He is also famous on gaming tournaments like FPL and ESEA. 

While his professional life is sort of an open book, his love life has always been a matter of curiosity to most of the audiences out there. Many of his fans are already curious if he is married or at least dating a girlfriend.

Well, here we are going to unravel Summit1g's personal and professional life. Let's discuss his career, earnings, and net worth.

Early Life Of Summit1g

Summit1g was born Jaryd Lazar on 23 April 1987 in Colorado, the United States of America. But he is most popular with his online name Summit1g. His parents raised him in Colorado along with his brother.

He was extremely enthusiastic about video games from an early age. 


One more just to show I was a gamer even when I was 2. This is also my face when I look at Twitch chat. Kappa.

— summit1g (@summit1g) April 26, 2018


Summit1g Career And Achievements 

Summit1g was interested in video games and used to play since he was a child. He used to upload his game videos on his social sites. But gained popularity only in 2012 and it was then he tried into professional gaming. 

He soon opened a Twitch account and started live streaming. At that time he worked as a call representative at the Time Warner Cable Company. Later he left his job and focused on his game career.


What’s up?! @C9shroud @chadplaysgames #teamspeakLUL

— summit1g (@summit1g) March 19, 2018


He started with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Player and within a short time period, he became a competitive player, played only through invites as he did not have a permanent team. 

Later he streamed the pre-fight conference between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor which resulted to more viewers to his channel. In 2012 his professional career began as he joined Exertus Sports. 

In 2013 Summut1g ranked 7th at the qualifier level in the North American ESEA Invite Season 15. Later in 2015, he joined team Torqued and participated in the Clutch Con tournament. He also became a member of Potato Streamers and represented the team in the North American tourney.

In 2016, he participated in the CEVO professional North America as a part of Ze Pug Godz team. In 2017 he competed over Mythic in the Esports Championship Series Qualifier and succeed in exceeding his own record. As of now, he is sponsored by Monster Energy and Audio-Technica. 

Summit1g Net Worth 

The web star Summit1g's net worth and salary are unknown, however, sources estimated it to be around six figures. In 2013, he reportedly won around $3000 from six Esports competitions as well as $29000 from the Alienware gaming community. 

Summit1g along with his ex-wife has a Nissan GT-R Nismo worth $150,000. So it will not be wrong saying  Summit1g earns a ma s sive amount of salary.

Additionally, he also has donated money to Gamers Outreach, a company that affords therapy and recreation by video games to minors in hospitals.

Summit1g Personal Life 

He was married to his longtime girlfriend Desirae Lazar who is a manager and Twitch streamer. However, their relationship didn't go the distance, and divorced in 2016. 

Before getting married they were best friends for almost nine years and after their split, they have continued to be friends and are still good friends. As of now, he is dating the streamer lilchiipmunk, whose real name is Caroline

Currently, he resides with his younger brother at Colorado Springs.

He has been in controversy when he played a game of Fortnite Battle Royale with the controversial YouTube vlogger Jake Paul. He responded to his fans via Twitter saying he will not apologize for playing with Jake. 

Body Measurements

Summit1g is pretty fit when it comes to his physique. A regular gym-goer, he has also maintained a decent weight.

Talking about his height, he stands 5 feet 10inches.

Check out a video of Summit1g being swatted.

by rabina, 21 Jul, 2018

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