South korea

South Korea is one of the Asian countries located in the East Asia. It is one of the beautiful countries in Asia having natural, cultural and historic beauty and importance. South Korea is officially known as Republic of Korea. The name Korea is derived from Goryeo dynasty which had ruled in the middle ages. South Korea shares its border with North Korea in the north, oversea borders with China in the west and Japan in the west. South Korea lies in the North Temperate Zone. Seoul is the capital of South Korea.

South Korea was one of the poor countries if go about half century back due to the Korean War. But between 1962 and 1994, South Korea developed its economy in tiger speed. South Korea is one of the developed nations today in the world. It is ranked 12th in the human development index having high standard of living. South Korea has Asia’s highest income and ranked 10th in world’s scenario. Korea has developed in every sector including the education, job, security, healthcare, etc. It is one of the top tourist destinations as well. South Korea has been one of the destinations for employment. Korean music and entertainment has been flourished in the world as known as K-wave. South Korea is the world’s 7th largest exporter. It is the home of multinational companies like Samsung, Hyundai-Kia and LG. South Korea has earned the global leadership in technology. South Korea has earned the name in Men’s Football as well and has been participating in the FIFA World Cup. It was the co-host of 2002 FIFA World Cup with Japan.