Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the countries situated in Central America officially known as Republic of Costa Rica. The capital of Costa Rica is san jose. The country shares its border with Nicaragua in the north, Panama in the southeast, Pacific Ocean in the west, Caribbean Sea in the east and Ecuador in the south.  Costa Rica occupies the land area of 51,100 sq km and is one of the least populated countries. Costa Rica is one of the most stable, prosperous and progressive nations in Latin America today. The people of Costa Rica are called Costa Rican and most of them speak Spanish followed by Makatelyu, Bribri and Patois.

Costa Rica has been identifies as a good performer on environmental sustainability through its progressive environmental policies along with the better record on human development comparing to the countries having similar economic status. Costa Rica is ranked as the greenest country in the world by NEF (New Economics Foundation). Costa Rica is one of the beautiful countries in Latin America with splendid culture and natural Beauty. The most popular football in Costa Rica is Football and has also made Costa Rica known in the world. They have gone into the quarter final for the first time in the history 2014 FIFA World Cup beating Greece in penalty shoot-out.