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Alvaro Saborio was born on March 25,1985 in San Carlos , Costa Rica. He is a well-known footballer and He weights 77 kg and has height of 1.83 meter. He was the part of different clubs in his life time. He made his debut with Deportivo Saprissa and after that he moved to FC sion. He also played with Bristol city. He joined Real Salt Lake in March 2010. Therefore he currently plays for two teams. His current teams are Real salt Lake in Major League Soccer and the national football team of Costa Rica. He is Real Salt Lake’s  highest paid player overtaking midfielder Javier Morales for the distinction with the salary of around $360,000.

Talking about his personal life, he is  a very quiet person who keeps to himself and doesn’t seek out individual attention. By nature he is slow to trust people. But if he is treated well, he won’t let others down. He was married to 2004 Miss Costa Rica in 2007. Her name is Nancy Sotto but they spit up after only two years of marriage in 2009.They do not have any child in between. There was various rumors regarding their spit. Some says it was due to outdoor relationship of the soccer with other girls. Currently his spouse is Carolina who herself is an athlete and lives with her with his two bulldogs Rex and Tina. They both are expecting baby son very soon. He seems very excited about the news of the arrival of new member in his family. It is said that he has already had room painted with blue. It shows he is responsible towards his family also.

 He is not only talented soccer but Saborío can speak four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. In his career , he achieved various things in his lifetime. He was named MLS Newcomer of the Year in 2010. He is a forward player with No.15 whose strength is  his finishing styles . His weakness is said to be lack of offside awareness. To point out his styles of play, he has got his own unique style which defines him. Some of them are: He indirectly set-piece threat. Sometimes he likes to do layoffs and he plays off the ground often. For Real Salt Lake since 2010 he has scored 70 career goals. Ever since he is trying to adapt in the time and for that it is important to the adapt in the place. He is trying very hard to be part of the society as he has his own two dogs. It shows that personal life also matters in professional career. Of those 70 goals, mentioned earlier 55 of the goals are MLS regular-season goals in 104 career games.

by sabna, 12 Jun, 2014

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