Children is the plural form of child. A child can be a son or a daughter. The two or more than two of number of child is known as Children. Biologically, a child is a person who is in between the period of his/her birth until the age of puberty. Socially and legally, a Child is a person belonging to the minor age group who has not attained the legal age of majority which is 18 years of age in most of the countries in the world. Children are known as the future of the nation and the stick of their parents in their old age. Children are the symbol of innocence and purity. With a smile of them makes the whole world bright. They are dependent to their parents and family. Childhood is like the bud time of flower. Children needs to be cared , nurtured and supported well in order to make them capable to work for social and individual welfare in the future otherwise it will hamper their future.