News Anchor Martha Maccallum is happily married to Daniel John, her husband, for 24 years now!

News by Clarence Published on 15 Aug,2016 Updated on 18 Apr,2018

The Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum is one of the experienced journalists in the Fox Media. She is working with Fox News, since 2004. Martha recently hosted The First 100 Days with Martha MacCallum on Fox News. 

She is married to Daniel Gregory, since 1992. Eager to know more about her married life, you will get all details about her personal life through this article. Let's start!

Martha MacCallum and Daniel Gregory's Blissful Married Life

Fox News Channel’s sexy and gorgeous host Martha MacCallum is a happily married woman. Martha got married to Dan Gregory on August 22, 1992, at St. Elizabeth’s Church who is the Vice President of Gregory Packaging Incorporations.

It has already been 24 years since they got married and still, they are together and happy. Along with a pleasant relationship, the couple is also blessed with three beautiful children include two sons and a daughter.

Martha with her husband and children, Source: Frostsnow

Martha with her husband and children, Source: Frostsnow

However, there have been many rumors about their probable separation and divorce but the duo has remained together for 25 years fending off such rumors.

Apparently, lots of stories were made related to the relationship between Martha and her husband that everything is not fine between the couple but Martha and Daniel always stood together and proved to everyone that nothing is wrong with them. The below video highlights unheard facts about Martha MacCallum. 

Not only a good wife but Martha is also a very friendly and supportive mother. She even appeared on Fox News‘ Cooking with Friends’ with her son Harry who is a very nice cook.

Martha is a loving Mother of her children

Martha also never misses a chance to show the world how much she adores and love her family. She often shares her memory and thoughts regarding her husband and children on her Twitter page.

Fox News Channel’s one of the most popular and hard-working hosts Martha MacCallum has always been very dedicated towards her professional and personal life equally. Whether it’s hosting the popular yet controversial show America Newsroom or managing her house and family Martha has always fulfilled her duty successfully.

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Martha is one of the highest paid staffs of the Fox News Channel earning around $700 thousand dollars annual salary. As successful as her professional career, her personal life is also equally successful.

We hope that she will remain happy and her married life will never have to face any problems and obstacles in the upcoming future.