Amanda Cerny Single or Married, Is she dating? Who is her Boyfriend? Know about her Affairs!!

News by Saburo Published on 26 Apr,2017 Updated on 09 Jun,2019

After smashing the Playboy mag Amanda Cerny has crashed into Youtube. Amanda has always been in the headlines for her videos and photos as she is very hot to resist. Cerny recently shared paid homage to Las Vegas shooting victim via her Instagram captioning 'Pray for Vegas'. 

Even though her career has just boosted up as she has been giving back to back comedy videos with those jaw-dropping well-toned body what about her personal life? Is Cerny dating someone currently? What is her relationship status? 

Is Amanda Cerny Single Or In A Relationship?

Who does not want a girl who is hot as hell and is famous all over the globe as well as who has a great sense of humor? Well, you guessed it right we are talking about Amanda Cerny. In the past, Amanda had some notable affairs which have everyone's eyes.

Former Playmate Amanda Cerny is in a relationship with another YouTube star Logan Paul. They have been allegedly dating since 2016 and they can be seen in many videos together. If you wish to know never heard facts about Amanda Cerny, watch the below video.  

With all the break-ups and hook-ups, Amanda is again in a relationship, only time can say how long the relationship will last. But now, Amanda Cerny and her new boyfriend Logan are busy making videos and giving time to each other.

Amanda Cerney and Logan Paul

Amanda Cerney and Logan Paul

Everything between the two Vine actors is going well but this is not the first relationship of Amanda with the Vine actor. Amanda was in a relationship with King Bach.

As of now, there are rumors of Amanda breaking up with Logan and both of them has not confirmed or denied the news yet. 

Amanda Cerney's Previous Relationships

The Vine stars, King Bach and Amanda dated back in 2015. During their relationship, they made videos together due to which they were the hottest internet couple.

After dating for some time, the Vine couple had a break-up without any convincing reasons. But it is sure that the break-up was mutual as they can be seen together in some videos too.


— Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny) March 31, 2017

Amanda and king moved on as King Bach started dating Liane Valenzuela another fellow Vine star whereas Amanda made the headline dating the R&B star Justin Biber.

When two stars date each other either it's kept under the radar or it makes the headline. In Amanda and Justin case, it was the second one as they were spotted in many celebs hotspots.

Amanda Cerny and Justin Biber

Amanda Cerny and Justin Biber

The internet flooded with the news of this relationship because Justin Biber broke up with Selena Gomez and he was dating Miss October Amanda. The relationship which started in 2016 did not go very far as they broke-up making another headline.

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Justin and King are not just on the dating list of this playboy mag. star Amanda. Once she also dated a comedian. Can you guess who he is?

In 2011, Amanda was dating the comedian-actor, Dane Cook. The relationship was public when Dane and his girlfriend were spotted spending time together in Hawaii.

Even though this couple was great together, the relationship ended soon the same year. The breakup was mutual for sure as they did not have anything serious between them.

Amanda Cerny's Boyfriend Alert!!

These days, Cerny is making headlines in the media due to her new intimate relationship with her new beau Johannes Bartl. Her Instagram has filled with her romantical posts with him. Cerny is dating him for nearly one year.



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Johannes Bartl is also a YouTube star, he has appeared in numerous Cerny’s videos. They have made several funny videos together. They also travel to different parts of the world. Cerny is more concerned about her health these days. Her beau also helps her to maintain her physical fitness.

Johannes Bartl is a YouTuber and actor. He is a vegan fitness model and athlete who has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 430K plus subscribers as of June 2018.

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Amanda Cerny's Quick Facts 

  • She was born on June 26, 1991.
  • She belongs to American nationality and regarding her ethnicity, she is a White. 
  • She has two siblings Nick Bateman and Samantha Cerny.
  • She stands at 1.67m (5ft 4 inch).

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