'Sorry' singer Justin Bieber ignored the call of actress Selena Gomez after their Instagram row!

Before knowing Justin Biber's reason for ignoring Salena Gomez's call lets find out what really happened on 13th August 2016 between Justin and Salena.

This was an unexpected act of vandalism towards all believers, the famous Pop star Justin Biber just deleted his Instagram account. The account was the home of images which included his new haircuts, Tattoos, Abs and not to escape Salina Gomez's picture with Justin Biber.  

As his fans are mostly teenagers, they possibly don't know what to do and what not to do but Justin is a grown adult now so he should know what he should do. Girls go crazy at his glance so they were jealous and that is the reason why they posted so much of haterade on his Instagram. Actually, it was love towards Justin they were showing and everyone was taking Sophia Richie as a thief who was about to steal their boyfriend. Girls you have to swallow this hard pill, Justin cannot date a billion of you at the same time. He likes a girl and you were not lucky enough to be that girl so accept it and admire his decision.

The threat

Justin is a little soft cored human and takes things more seriously but this time, he took things too far, But on the bright side of it, He was only protecting his girlfriend as a responsible partner which is exactly what believers should stand for. But to be honest, things got a little out of control from fans side too.

Believers also had a Part to Play in this Drama:

Don't you think if you mess with your best friends honey he will come at you? Yes! he will. So, please stop mocking the monkey as he is wild. Justin was poked again and again, until his breaking point and things slipped away from hands. It was not only fans who provoked him. It was his former girlfriend Selina too. For god's shake, it is a social media, not an anti-social media.

Your positive comments will also be noticed by him. Do you think he will notice you only when you post negativity on the wall?  Wake up he will only use it when he is free from his busy work schedule. If you are a true fan don't make him feel upset about having fans. Make him feel special. If you have not done it try it from now.

Salina, We thought you guys broke up

Well, normally your X-es profile is a no go zone, A non-of-your-business for a normal human being. So, are you going to prove you are from Mars or some alternative universe? In earth, we leave people alone. If they are out of relation that means a road to the non-ya-business trip. Salina's comment on Justin's Instagram profile was the un-appropriate statement. Find in the picture below what  "Come and get it" singer and "Love yourself" singer argued about.

The Great insta-war of Justin and Selena

Justin Biber's crew have recently reacted after she posted another image with white letters and black background stating "what I said was selfish and pointless". Justin's crew stated that Selina is constantly trying to reach Biber from the phone. Justin has been rejecting her calls and does not seem to be interested in having a conversation too. 

We all know the departed singer were first love to each other. It is hard to get over your first love but you both have to get over it. It is not going to work and Selena please don't try to be a fame guru to your X. The mantra to live happily is to stay away from each other's life as far as possible and mind your own business. Whatever Justin does with his fans in none of your business, Let him be the white version of Kanye West.

Back off Hailey Baldwin

Wait, now you are taking a side? It was not about you Hailey and you wrote sixteen lines on your Instagram protesting against Justin. On her third line 'Try not to manipulate a situation to make yourself look better' Hailey seemed to be hitting back at Justin as she shared a cryptic Instagram post on Sunday. 

Girls power puff to JB

On the sixth line, she wrote 'Try not to manipulate a situation to make yourself look better' What is that about? She looked to be pointing the finger at Justin. Now, it became a 2 on 1 situation. Seriously Justin you are gang banged by your exes. They both are armed with Axes to slice you up into pieces. 

Here comes the Boom: (Shift+Delete)

This whole situation was crazy, having an Instagram is not an issue. Everyone has it but having an Instagram account deleted by the worldwide famous celebrity is a big deal. People feel connected with you via your social profile. And here comes Justin's total immature decision. He made his Instagram privet. Wait a minute, he deleted his Instagram after an hour he went privet. Sad but true no Abs and haircuts from now on. he is going to loose a lot of his fans too.

Is he ever going to reinstate his profile?

We don't know that yet. What we do know is that all of the beautiful pictures, updates and his picture with Selena is gone. Looks like a fresh start to me though it is all my personal feeling. Maybe he will not deceive his fans. From where I see it, he will attend  Allen's Show, to apologize to his fans and says hi! to the Instagram again.

He Looked Happy After Instagram-war:

Justin was seen driving around LA's streets after he deleted his Instagram account and he was also spotted with his buddies playing the hockey game in the San Fernando Valley, California on Monday night. It looks like he is trying to get out of the whole Instagram row and spend a small amount of time out of the drama he has recently been through.

Biber's team recently opened up about the whole incident with UK daily mail and TMZ. The team reported Selina has recently been trying to call Justin on phone and is willing to meet the Sorry singer but he is ignoring her calls as reported by Team Justin to TMZ.

Selina's frustration could be seen in the Twitter post that she recently made and a snap chat photo with white letters on the black background which looked like an online social media apology.



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