Movie is also known as film or motion pictures. It is a series of still images when shown on a screen creates the illusion of moving images due to phi phenomenon. The process of making a movie is known as movie making or film making. Movie is the complete mixture of art of different people combined together. As per the modern technology, there have been the advanced equipments used in movie making to create good postures of the movie. Movie bears the story that communicates the emotions, feelings, beauty, perceptions, etc that touches the senses of the viewers. Movie is of different genres. Movie is simply the ideology of the person which is always based on a story line and many different people are involved in it for its completion with their talent and skills. Movie has taken a special place in today’s entertainment world and has been established as an industry letting the people involved in it earn the name and fame together. It’s not always that they get the good critics but also the bad that hampers their image. There has been the Award giving trend to the best movie and the people involved in it to encourage other to do their best in future in the world. There are lots of popular movies in the world thats has won the hearts of people round the globe.