Highway To Dhampus

News by Sabina Bade Published on 07 Sep,2014 Updated on 07 Sep,2014

Highway to Dhampus is an upcomming movie which is produced by John De Blas Williams and is directed by Rick McFarland.  The movie features well-known Hollywood and Kollywood actors such as Rachel HurdWood, Gunner Wright, Raj Ballav Koirala, Suesha Rana, Desh bhakta Khanal, Sayush Gurung Bajracharya, Sunil Shrestha, Sophie McShera, Vinzenz Kiefer Masha Tokareva and many others. Apart from John De Blas Williams , Highway to Dhampus is jointly produced by Kenneth Hill, Kathy McFarland and Jaswant Dev Shrestha. Sam Cardon is the music director of this movie. The tagline of this movie is “We look at the sky but we walk on the ground.”

The movie has been shot in both America and  Nepal. Through this movie, there has been shooting of various natural sceneries of Nepal and also shown some cultural and natural beauty of  Nepal. For the male lead role, Raj Ballav Koirala will be acting parallel to another lead  role. It is said that he has been selected by giving audition. He is playing the character of pilot in the movie. Previously, the film unit decided to shot the film in India instead of Nepal but it is said that they were influence by Nepali Culture, society and heritage. They were attracted by beautiful location around Dhampus and Pokhara so they decided to shot here in Nepal. Some part of the movie scene is going to shoot in U.S.A, U.K and Iraq. If the movie does good business, the movie is said to be the great opportunity for the Nepali actors in international arena of the films. Also the film crew were said to have given good comments about the natural beauty of Nepal. This film can attract lots of foreign tourists to visit Nepal and every year can be ‘Visit Nepal year’. This will help the country in increasing the gross domestic product (GDP) of our country.

In this movie, a rich socialite whose character is played by Rachel Hurdwood visits Nepal so that she can fix her image through charitable acts. For the purpose she visit small orphanage in Dhampus whose headmistress is Laxmi. The role of the headmistress is played by Nepali actress Suesha. After the arrival of Rachel in the village, series of events occurs which involves everyone in the village including the western-savvy bush pilot, American photo journalist. As the time passes, British heiress becomes closer to the people and starts to love Nepal. At the end of the movie all of the main characters has some kind of realization to change for the better. Even though they visits Nepal for philanthropic works, their motive changes at the last of the movie and  works harder to make some positive changes in Dhampus village.

The movie is set to release in 2014 but the date is not fixed yet. Other information about this movie can be found in Wikipedia and the official website. The official trailer of the movie has been released already which can be found on Youtube.