Big Hero 6 Cast

News by Sahra Mishra Published on 23 Sep,2014 Updated on 23 Sep,2014

Big Hero 6 is an animated movie which features the team of 6 superheroes appearing in the marvel Comics. Big Hero 6 is an action packed comedy-adventure movie that is based on the storyline of protecting the city from a devastating attack where these 6 superheroes make a team to do so. Big Hero 6 is directed by Don Hall, Chris Williams, written by Doan Hall and Jordan Roberts, created by Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle. The music in the movie is given by Henry Jackman. It is the Walt Disney Production, produced by Roy Conli and John Lasseter. The movie will be released in November 2014.The Big hero 6 squad includes the character of superheroes Hiro Hamada (voice by Ryan Potter), Baymax (voice by Scott Adsit), GoGo Tomago (voice by Jamie Chung), Wasabi No-ginger (voice by Damon Wayans Jr.), Honey Lemon (voice by Genesis Rodriguez) and Fredzill aka Fred by (T.J Miller).  Other of the cast of the movie includes Alistair Krei (voice by Alan Tudyk), Professor Robert Callaghan (voice by James Cromwell), Aunt Cass (voice by Maya Rudolph), Tadashi Hamada (voice by Daniel Henney) and Yokai (voice by Charles Adler).

The main character of superhero starts with the Hiro Hamada. He is a 14 years old genius who is a robotics prodigy. Seeing his talent, his brother Tadashi inspired him to use his skill and talent in a quest to get admitted to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. A very tragic event befalls, making him turn to a robot named Baymax, as a result of which they form a very unbreakable bond. Hiro can be seen dressed in purple attire in the squad.

Baymax is the superhero character which has been described and shown as the world’s most compassionate robot. He was designed to be so. Baymax was designed to work technically as a Healthcare Companion. He has the ability to detect vital status upon simple scan and can treat nearly every of the pain after giving him patient’s level of pain. Baymax is the close friend of Hiro Hamada and after some reprogramming; Baymax becomes in the superheroes squad with the ability of rocket thusters that lets him fly, rocket fist and super strength. Baymax can be seen with orange color.

GoGo Tomago is a fearless, adrenaline junkie who is known for her speed. She has the tough personality and not much of conversationalists. She loves to pop the bubble gum. She is loyal to bone. GpGo Tomago can be seen dressed in yellow suit having the maglev discs as wheels, shields and throwing weapons with speed.

Wasabi No-Ginger is a very committed character. He is super smart fellow with the touch of neurotic. Wasabi posses the great martial art skills with the splendid jaw dropping plasma blade weaponry. Dressed in aquamarine, Wasabi is very tactful and sharp personality in the squad.

Honey Lemon looks like a nerd as she wears a big glasses and cute innocent dress up. She looks sweet and calm. She is powerful with the knowledge of alchemy. Dressed in pink, Honey Lemon is fiery having the attitude that makes her pretty much unstoppable. She is an effusive brainiac creating clever concoctions that gets her team out of nearly any jam.

Fredzilla aka Fred looks like a lost laid-back dude. He is the character who has the full on ideas for his superhero skillset.  Characterised in the look of monster with three eyes and fire breathing, Fred has the strong claws, integrated communications and a super bounce.