In a common language, Drummer is a person who plays on the multi-percussion instrument called drum. Drummer is a musician. Drummer is not limited to the drum set kit and accessories. Drummer is the person who gives harmony in the rhythm. Drummer is not just related to the assortment of pedals, standing and supporting the kits but rather functioning the music and harmonolising with the different genres of music accordingly. The main function of drummer is to keep time or provide steady tempo and rhythmic foundation to the note. There are other functions of drummer in other forms of music such as jazz, R&B, pop, etc. Drummer works in collaboration with other wide ranges of instruments such as keyboard, guitars, auxiliary percussion and bass. There is a different image of drummer in the world. Drummers are behind the shade of Guitarists and singers in any musical band but have equal importance of everyone in performing the music. Also, in business, Drummer is also known as commercial traveler or traveler sales representative.