Is the rumor of Tweny One Pilot's Drummer, Josh Dun, having a secret tattoo true?

Twenty-one Pilot's drummer Josh Dun is the first boy to get a nose ring in his cla s s and he is also among the four students to get inked.

Unlike Tyler Joseph, Josh shows the tattoo off but according to some rumor, his mother didn't know about his tattoo. With the secret of his tattoo to his mother, he also keeps the meaning of his tattoos a secret. Since their childhood Tyler and Joseph have been inseparable best friends.

While on stage, in front of a packed house at Milwaukee's Eagles Ballroom, the two best friend's made sure everyone knows that they are best friends. Tyler tattooed his name on josh, and Josh tattooed his name on Tylers just above the knee.

When Tyler and Josh announced a Twitter debate with votes and stated their case as to why they were the best members of a band, the debate ended with a tie. Then as per the rule, the duo announced that they would tattoo each other and share the pain. 

Like the ink dipped inside the Josh's and Joseph's skin, the important experience of that show is permanently engraved in the minds of their millions of  fans. Dun has made beautiful tattoos on his arms, neck, stomach and in the legs as well. He looks punk with a colorful round tattoo in his arms and wrists.

After he got separated with his former girlfriend Debby Ryan, he must have thought about making a tattoo relating to it and may have already made it.

But we will never understand the meaning of his tattoo as he keeps it a secret. We would know something about his tattoo if we asked his tattoo artist who must have a very creative mind to create such a lovely tattoo. The American drummer who was born on June 18, 1988, in Colombus, Ohio, was raised with his two sisters Ashley and Abigali. He learned to play drums himself despite he was not allowed to listen to music really.


they were down to one last towel. come on, guys. there was no other option here.

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Before he joined Twenty-one Pilots he had joined House of Heroes on the recommendation of the band's drummer, Colin Rigsby until October 2010. After building a friendship with the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph, he became the most impressive drummer and now he is working for it.  


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