Who is Josh Dun dating these days? Find out more about the drummer's affairs and relationship!

Before a year ago, the drummer of Twenty one Pilots Josh Dun was deeply in relationship with the actress and musician girlfriend Debby Ryan who is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

Josh was dating her since one year and four months before their separation. The relationship was simply perfect before they split but both of their hearts were broken but their abusive relation and their experience were actual with a friend. 

After Debby Ryan broke up with Josh Dun, she decided to team up for "Don't Look Away" Campaign with Mary Kay and Love is Respect. She brought awareness to dating violence and shared what happened to her because she doesn't want other women to go through the thing what she went through a year ago. She must have been through a very tuff situation.

After leaving Debby Ryan,  Josh is single now and is not dating anyone but Debby is still in touch with him and takes him as a best friend.

Whether they are friends or in a relationship they look good together and after Debby wished Dun on his birthday, a rumor was heard that they might be the couple again. While Josh's relation with Debby was about to end Debby told him to move out of her life and instantly he threw a phone at her and shattered it to pieces. He was screaming, punching the wall and cursing her out but after a moment later he apologized and said that he loves her. 

The couple had a professional relationship and when it became physical it was very emotional manipulation for them but before it reached too far it ended. Both of them were strong enough to survive this relationship.

The American drummer who was born on June 18, 1988, in Colombus, Ohio, was raised with his two sisters Ashley and Abigail. He learned to play drums himself despite he was not allowed to listen to music really.

Before he joined Twenty-one Pilots he had joined House of Heroes on the recommendation of the band's drummer, Colin Rigsby until October 2010. After building a friendship with the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph, he became the most impressive drummer and now he is working for it.  


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