Chef is a person who is very skilled professional cook. A chef is a proficient one in all aspects of food preparation. This work needs a great skill, technique, time and money management. It takes more than just a cooking. You need to have very sensitive and refined palate in order to know and recognize the taste, to harmonize the combination of flavors plus must be an experimental and creative one. One has to be very passionate and observing to be a Chef. Chef is not just a profession but rather it is a passion, an art. From its taste to its textures, smell and its looks, all needs to be thought of. It is not an easy piece of cake and not all can be a good chef. It needs hard work, endurance and dedication.

“Chef” is a French word derived from “Chef de Cuisine” meaning head of the Kitchen. There are different titles and different responsibilities of chefs designed according to their specialty. There is always a Head Chef in the kitchen who manages the kitchen and the team. The Sous-Chef is the second in command and assistant to the head chef. The third is the Chef de Partie. Chef de Partie is also known as Station Chef or line cook. S/he is the in charge of a particular area of production in the kitchen.