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Candy Godiva is a rising American YouTube star who grabbed huge attention for her mukbang videos on her YouTube channel, Hungry Fatchick. The YouTuber Godiva has over 272K subscribers as of now.

As of now, Candy is in her early-50s. She is a married woman and has two children.

Age And Nationality

Candy was born on 18th September 1972 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the United States of America. She is 51 years old now. Her birth sign is Virgo. Her nationality is American, whereas her ethnicity is yet to be disclosed.

Candy did not reveal her parents. However, she claimed that her grandparents were alcoholics and her parents were addicted too. She was one out of eight abortions. Her mother knew she was pregnant with her only after five months.

Candy also opened up that her mother was jealous of her and their relationship was somehow toxic and neglected.

Candy Godiva Has Two Children

In one of the videos on her YouTube channel, Candy mentioned that she is two children's mother. She has a son and a daughter. However, she does not live with her kids.

In the video, Candy also mentioned that she only sees her children on social media accounts. She also did not reveal the name and details of her partner and her kids' biological father.

What Is Candy Godiva's Net Worth? Her Riches & Earnings

Candy is a YouTuber who made the YouTube channel, Hungry Fat Chick on 6th December 2010. She gained huge attention for feasting on anything from fast food to anything. She does not have any food restrictions, making her everyone’s favorite.

Currently, Candy has around 272K subscribers and over 31 million views. Some of her favorite videos are Jollibee Mukbang Eating Show, Massive Italian Feast Mukbang, and Italian Feast Mukbang with Candy (Eating Show), among others.

Candy Godiva is a rising American YouTube star.  SOURCE: Net Worth Dish

Regarding Candy Godiva’s net worth, her worth is around $1 million, matching Jacob Ming-Trent's net worth. The millionaire earns a decent figure of money from her YouTube channel.

As a YouTuber, Godiva’s monthly income is from $196K to $3.1K, whereas her annual income is $2.3K to $37.6K.

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About Candy Godiva's Height, Weight & Health Issues

The American YouTuber Candy is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 180 kg. On her YouTube channel, she has stated that her channel is an eating channel, neither a weight loss journey. 

Candy once confessed that her weight was one of the reasons for her depression. She was once rumored to be dead, but later, all those death news turned into a hoax.




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