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Jen Wilson is an American Internet personality and YouTuber who is most known as the ex-wife of popular former Vine and YouTube star, BatDad. The family of six -- including their four children -- became Internet sensations through the antics of Blake Wilson AKA BatDad, who wore a performed pranks on his family wearing a Batman mask and spoke in a deep and raspy voice for humorous effect.    

How Old is Jen Wilson as of 2020?

Jen Wilson was born on November 16, 1982, in the state of Georgia, United States, as Jennifer Smith. As of October 2020, she is 37 years old. Not much else is known about her early life and details about her childhood. She only came to recognition through the antics of her then-husband Blake Wilson.     

The Ex-Wife of Former Vine and YouTube Star Blake "BatDad" Wilson

Jen Wilson is perhaps most well known as the ex-wife of social media sensation Blake Wilson. Known ubiquitously as BatDad, Blake Wilson became the stuff of Internet legend in late 2013 when he began posting videos of himself playing pranks on his family while wearing a cheap Batman mask and speaking in a deep and raspy voice -- no doubt parodying Christian Bale's rendition of the superhero Batman in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight film trilogy.   

Jen Wilson with her ex-husband, Blake Wilson AKA BatDad SOURCE: Pinterest

His first video was uploaded to the now-defunct short-form video-sharing app, Vine, on August 1, 2013. At the height of his popularity, he had over 3 million followers on Vine when it went out of business. 

Once Vince went defunct, Bret migrated to YouTube and at the time of this writing, has over 767k subscribers under the channel name "BatDad and Family". Besides that Bret has over 1.5 million followers on his Instagram and recently has started his own Twitch channel.  

Mother of Four Children

During the years they were married, Jen and Bret Wilson had four children together: daughters Taylor Wilson (born on December 21, 2004) and Kaya Wilson (born on June 18, 2007), and twins Sienna Wilson and Ben Wilson (born on June 26, 2010).

Are Jen Wilson and Bret Wilson Divorced?  

Jen Wilson filed for divorce from Bret in 2019 and their divorce was finalized in March 2019. The reason behind the divorce is speculated to be Jen's being increasingly annoyed by Wilson's antics and overwhelmed by their meteoric rise to fame.

Jen Wilson and ex-husband Blake Wilson with their four children SOURCE: Instagram @batdadblake

Whatever the reason might have been, Jen is reportedly single after her divorce and remains so to this day. There seems to be no animosity between her and her now-ex-husband and they are more focused on co-parenting their four children.

What is Jen Wilson's Net Worth? 

Jen Wilson is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million as of October 2020. She first gained prominence thanks to the antics of her now-ex-husband Blake "BatDad" Wilson but she has since built her own brand on the internet and become a recognizable celebrity in her own right.

by shrijan, 07 Oct, 2020

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