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After gaining fame for her marriage, to Vince Neil and her history as a mud wrestler, Sharise Ruddell seems to have stepped out of the eye since their divorce. She rose to prominence through her relationship with Neil, the frontman of Mötley Crüe.

Since parting ways with Neil, Sharise has kept a profile in the media leaving information about her current life. This article takes a look, at Sharise Ruddell's life story highlighting her past and unraveling the mystery surrounding her situation.

Ruddell's Past Relationships

Sharise Ruddell first met her spouse, Vince Neil, when she visited his home as a guest during the time he hosted events with female mud wrestlers.

Sharise Ruddell with her ex-spouse, Vince NeilSharise Ruddell and Vince Neil got married in a ceremony on April 30, 1988.

They got married in a ceremony on April 30 1988 and their daughter, Skylar Lynnae was born in 1991. Unfortunately, Skylar was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Passed away at the age of four in 1995.

Facing difficulties in their marriage Sharise filed for divorce in 1993. During that period she took a break from her design work. Transitioned to become one of the club promoters, in Hollywood.

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How Were Sharise's Early Years?

Sharise Ruddell, was born on October 27 1964 in Huntington Beach, California. She goes by the names Sharise Lee Ann Ruddell and Sharise Neil after marrying Vince Neil. Her father is Gary Ruddell and her mother is Shirley Ruddell.

She has a sister named Shanae Ruddell and two brothers Greg Ruddell and Gary Lee Ruddell. Sharise adopted Christianity. Holds American citizenship though her specific ethnicity remains private.

Growing up in Huntington Beach with her three siblings she attended Whittier Christian High School, in La Habra. Despite not pursuing education she entered the modeling industry after finishing school.

After Moving On From Vince

After her split, from Vince Neil, Sharise found love with Kirk Seigel. They welcomed their son, Colt Sigel on November 3, 2002. Although the arrival of their child brought happiness their relationship eventually came to an end.

Sharise Ruddell with her ex-spouse, Vince NeilSharise Ruddell found love with Kirk Seigel.
SOURCE: Instagram

Following this chapter in her life, Sharise has chosen to keep a profile when it comes to her affairs. She has decided to maintain privacy regarding her relationships. Has taken a more reserved approach to navigating new connections. Preferring a quieter existence away, from the limelight Sharise Ruddell has embraced a path in her journey.

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Sharise's Professional Path

Upon finishing school Sharise moved to Los Angeles. Landed a job, as a ring girl and mud wrestler at the Hollywood Tropicana Club. This spot, a hotspot in Western Hollywood offered nighttime entertainment with a flashy neon sign that could be seen from miles away on the 101 Freeway heading north.

The club was a hangout for locals and famous faces like rock stars, sports legends, movie stars, and politicians. Sharise's striking appearance with her locks and captivating eyes made her stand out at the club. The iconic rock band Motley Crue even mentioned the Tropicana Club in their hit song "Tropicana is Where I Lost My Heart."

Sharise's fame led to features in Blast magazine as a swimsuit model and roles in music videos for songs like Autograph's "Loud and Clear " "Dance All Night " and Motley Crue's "Girls, Girls, Girls." After marrying Vince Neil Sharise delved into fashion design by creating stage outfits and jackets for magazine covers such as Rolling Stone.

She also dabbled in designing lingerie unique pieces for boutique stores along Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood. She embarked on this adventure, which eventually led her to create her design firm, NA NA focusing on crafting bikinis, for Kandy Wrappers.

Model's Physical Attributes

Sharise Ruddell possesses a blend of features that enhance her individual and captivating appearance. Standing around 5 feet 4 inches tall (1.63 meters) Sharise carries herself with grace and elegance.

Sharise Ruddell Sharise Ruddell carries herself with grace and elegance.
SOURCE: Facebook

Her weight falls between 55-70 kg and 121-154 pounds complementing her slender figure. The stunning blue hue of her eyes highlights her structure while her blonde hair adds to her appeal. Sharise's fair complexion, with a touch of tan, bestows upon her a healthy glow.

Boasting an oval face shape with cheekbones Sharise's facial contours amplify her beauty resulting in a well-balanced aesthetic. These physical traits collectively contribute to Sharise's captivating presence establishing her as a personality, in the entertainment realm.

How Wealthy Is Sharise Ruddell?

Sharise Ruddell has built up wealth from her career, in modeling reality television and design. According to sources her net worth is estimated to be around USD 100,000 showcasing her success in the entertainment and fashion world.

On the other hand, Sharise ex husband Vince Neil has an estimated worth of about USD 50 million. Their combined financial status highlights the impact of their careers. Sharise's modeling and design work contributed to her prosperity alongside Vince Neils's success, in the music industry.

Model's Social Media Presence

Maintaining a presence, in media Sharise interacts with her audience on various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her Instagram account @shariseneil has a following of, over 23.9 thousand followers sharing glimpses of her life.

Sharise Ruddell with her ex-spouse, Vince NeilSharise Ruddell interacts with her audience on various social media platforms.
SOURCE: Pinterest

Similarly, on Twitter, her handle @ShariseNeil has attracted 6,532 followers where she updates and shares her thoughts.

Furthermore, Sharise is actively engaged on her Facebook profile as "Sharise Ruddell " creating a personal bond with friends, family, and followers. Through these channels, she builds her presence. Engages with a diverse community.

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