After divorcing Deborah Shiling, Bernie Sanders Married to Jane O'Meara Sander. Know more about him

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Benard ‘Bernie’ Sanders, an American politician works as the junior US Senator for Vermont State. He has been happily married to Jane O’ Meara, for a quite a long time after divorcing Debroah Shiling.

Martina McBride estimated Net Worth around $38 million, find out her Sources of Income

Martina Mariea McBride is an American country music singer-songwriter and record producer born on 29th July 1966 in Sharon, Kansas.

Jessica Rowe married Peter Overton in 2004, Happily living with 2 children in Sydney, Australia

The popular TV personality, Rowe, and Peter Overton announced their engagement in August 2003. Rowe and Peter got married on at Icebergs in Bondi on 12 January 2004. Rowe and Overton have also spent a romantic break at Noosa last summer.

What is TV personality's Joseline Hernandez Net Worth? Find out her Sources of Income

Joseline Hernandez also known as The Puerto Rican Princess is an actress and television personality born on 3rd November 1986 in Ponce, Puerto Rico.


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