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Whitney Alford has recently risen up to the heights of fame after her adorable fiancé Kendrick Lamar announced their engagement to the general public. Her partner Lamar is an award-winning rapper and songwriter best recognized for his affiliation with the rap star and super-producer Dr. Dre. The rapper has released a number of multi-platinum albums with evergreen singles to date. They have been on an affair for the past decade. Kendrick has stated that she is the one who actually keeps him grounded when a situation arises. Apart from being known to be the love of Kendrick, nothing much is known about this curly-haired exquisite beauty.

Early Life And Career Of Whitney Alford

Whitney Alford was born on May 12, 1986, in California, United States. Whitney’s boyfriend Kendrick Lamar is a renowned rapper who has been getting along with his musical career since he was just a teenager. He instantly rose to fame after releasing his first retail single Overly Dedicated.

Alford is said to have been a straight-A student and studied in the Centennial High School. Whitney has been known to be his high school sweetheart; hence Whitney must too have studied in the Centennial High School too.

Lamar has been on the heights of fame since the very start of his career and has also been termed to be the next Eminem. However, a few years ago, he stated about a “lady friend” who actually keeps her grounded and tells him if he is doing something wrong.

This girl certainly seems to be Whitney, who he started to be her high school sweetheart. He also went on to say that they had been dating for the past decade. Lamar’s girlfriend will be providing additional vocals to his new songs.

Whitney Alford's Net Worth

As far as the net worth is concerned, the net worth and salary of Whitney are not known. And as per celebrity net worth, her longtime partner Kendrick Lamar has an estimated net worth of around $40 million, in 2019. He collected such a hefty amount of $12 million pretax in 2015 with a $3 million increase from the $9 million hauls recorded annually since his 2013 debut.

Kendrick Lamar's second album Damn sold over 1 million copies selling each single at $1.5  and the album at $9.8. The album features a collaboration with U2 and Rihanna; including writing credits from Jay Z and Bruno Mars.

 Kendrick bought the house for $523,500, in Eastvale, California in 2014. The mansion has a 4-bedroom.

They thus will be doing pretty well as far as their economic status is to be concerned. Whitney has a slim body build with a height that seems to be taller than that of Lamar. Despite this fact, the couple looks cute together. She has curly hair which properly accentuates her pretty face. The love between Lamar and Whitney has made her a renowned celebrity who people search for.

Whitney Alford's Personal Life And Relationship

Whitney Alford is yet to be married but she is in a long relationship with one of the popular rappers of the generation Kendrick Lamar. Till now it is clear that Lamar and Alford are high school sweethearts. The couple has recently been engaged after 10 years of dating. He confirmed the news of their engagement on April 3, 2017.

The couple currently resides together in South Bay, California, Los Angeles. They have been engaged and are probably looking towards getting married soon. The couple does not seem to be going along with any problems in their relationship and it does not seem that they will split due to any reason anytime soon. Lamar has even gone on to say that he is loyal to his girlfriend and would do nothing to hurt her.

Whitney Alford's Body Measurement 

  • Whitney Alford's height: she stands at the height of 5ft 8 inches.
  • Hair Color: Black 
  • Eye Color: Black 
  • Age: (May 12, 1986, 32 years old)

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