Valentine Week 2019: How To Celebrate The Seven Days Of Love In February?

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Love is a thing that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, the inexplicable connection of two people’s hearts is love. We celebrate this purest of human emotions for 7 lovely days in the cold wintry months of February. The festival of love starts on the 7th day of February and ends on Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Most importantly Valentine’s Day is a day we celebrate our love for all the people that mean more to us in our lives.        

This week of February is almost holy for lovers and they express their feelings by giving their partners gifts kisses, hugs, chocolates, and above all love from the deepest part of their hearts. The most important thing this week is to make sure the people you care about feel loved. It doesn’t necessarily mean we should shower only our partners with love but our friends and family should feel loved too. The seven days are celebrated in a particular way each day. You can read below to find out more about them.       

Rose Day – The Day That Valentine’s Week Commences

On this day love is expressed with the help of the most romantic flower of all, the rose. It falls on 7th February and is the first day of Valentine’s week. There are different colored roses and each color represents a different relationship with a person in our lives.

The famous rose is the red one, is given to the one we share a romantic relationship with. It represents romantic feelings and love.

CAPTION: A collage representing some of the days of Valentine's Week. SOURCE: latestly

The yellow rose signifies platonic feelings, joy, and friendship and is given to our friends.

The lavender colored rose is a symbol for enchantment, majesty, and love at first.

Gratitude and appreciation are represented by the dark pink rose it carries grace and elegance.

The light pink rose is used to express purity, innocence, sympathy, and spirituality. People believe that the white rose signifies true love.

Although other colors are also used to express the feeling of love among people these are the main types of roses that are popularly used.

Propose Day- The Second Day Of Valentine’s Week

The proposal is the initial expression of love for the one you love, on this day people propose to the one they romantically want.

This day falls on February 8 and it is the second day of the Valentines week. Normally someone who holds a crush in someone proposes on this day.

Chocolate Day – The Third Day Of Valentine’s Week

Considered by many as the best day of Valentine’s week love is expressed with the help of chocolates. This day is celebrated on February 9 and is the third day of Valentine’s week.

Some say that the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and what better way to express your love than with chocolate, no doubt among the most liked food items in the world.

Teddy Day – The Fourth Day Of Valentine’s Week

The cute and cuddly teddy bear is used as the symbol of love by almost everyone in love, on the fourth day of Valentine’s Week people gift each other Teddy bears as an expression of their love.

CAPTION: A couple holding two heart shaped toys. SOURCE: Times Of India

Celebrated on February 10 the toys are given out to lovers as well as siblings.

Promise Day – The Fifth Day Of Valentine’s Week

Trust and faith is the cornerstone of every healthy relationship, without trust, a relationship will never be successful.

As a sign of their unconditional love and faith couples promise each other different things. This trust and faith are celebrated on February 11 as Promise day and it is the fifth day of Valentine’s Week.

Hug Day – The Sixth Day Of Valentine’s Week

There is nothing warmer than the embrace of a loved one and it is one of the best ways to express love without words.

The warm embrace of love is celebrated on the sixth day of Valentine’s Week. This day falls on February 12.

Kiss Day – The Seventh Day Of Valentine’s Week

A kiss signifies love and comfort with one’s partner and a simple kiss can make anyone’s day better. We express love to the closest people in our lives.

A kiss can signify love between anyone, a simple kiss of a mother on her baby’s head may just be the purest expression of love there is. Kiss Day is celebrated on the 13th of February in the second week of the month.

Valentine’s Day Week – The Last Day Of Valentine’s Week  

The last day of Valentine’s Week falls on February 14 and it is celebrated in honor of a 3rd-century Roman saint St. Valentine. He was martyred in the name of love and his contribution in the old society is celebrated on this day in a grand manner.  

Although this day is celebrated in honor of his death it is also celebrated as a festival of love.  

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