A Dog Lead Police To Gas Leak And Saves His Family!!

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Why are dogs called man’s best friend? Well, there are millions of reason why the furry little friends of ours are considered the human race’s best companion but what better reason to consider them as such, than when they save our lives. There are many recorded cases of dogs saving their owners’ lives and in February 2019 another dog made herself a hero amongst men.       

In February of 2019, a dog named Sadie saved her owners’ lives from a potential gas explosion in their home. On 6th February the Tuckahoe Police Department posted on their Facebook accounts that they were responding to a loose pit-bull running through the streets.

After the police officers chased the hound through the streets of a neighborhood she led them to the backyard of her home. There the officers discovered that the sliding glass door was open and the fence was broken. 

The following video is a news piece on the savior pitbull dog who saved her family from a potential explosion.  

The police first thought the dog damaged the property due to bad behavior but as they investigated closely they found out that there was an odor of gas coming from the basement window. The police quickly took measures to prevent an explosion and addressed the leak.

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The leak was furthered confirmed and taken care of by the Eastchester Fire Department and a Con Edison crew. The resident of the house said that she and her daughter were out at the time but Sadie potentially saved them from an explosion.   

CAPTION: A picture of Sadie the pitbull. SOURCE: Pet Rescue Report

The runaway dog is considered a hero now but was initially considered a nuisance and the police wrote a summons for the dog which they later ripped up after the gas leak was confirmed.

The Lieutenant of Tuckahoe Police Department Lawrence Rotta said that"The dog saved the house from a potential gas explosion and gas leak,".

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