Prisons Are Being Closed In The Netherlands After Crime Rate Marks Lowest In Decades

OMG by Published on Updated on 13 Mar, 2019

Terrorism has engulfed the whole world, but yet there are some countries where terror is just a word. The Netherlands is one of those peaceful countries where everyone would love to live their lives. 

Where crime rates have been increasing exponentially throughout the world, the Netherlands stands vastly opposite to it. The Dutch government has closed dozens of its prisons in the last few years and continuing the trend.

The Dutch national statistics office CBS reported that as of 2018, there were only 49 crimes reported per 1,000 citizens per year. In 2018 only, four prisons; in Zoetermeer, Zeist, Almere, and Zwaag recorded zero captives due to which the Justice Minister Sander Dekker decided to shut down the prisons.

According to the report from Independent in 2017, the Netherlands had only 11,600 people locked up among over 17 million population.

The Dutch government shut 19 of the nation's prisons because there weren't enough criminals to fill them. Further five prisons were axed in 2017. After a series of the closure of the prisons, thousands of prison workers went protesting the government policy.

After this, the Dutch government started importing prisoners from neighboring Norway and Belgium to fill the gap and keep some of those vacant prisons open.

Meanwhile, several prison workers seemed jobless after the closing of the prison, but only 700 out of 2,000 affected employees were moved to other roles within Dutch law enforcement.