Did You Know Pedro Lascurain Was Mexico President For Less Than An Hour? Find Out Why?

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Revolutions were commonplace in a place like Mexico, coupled by General Victorio Huerta in 1913 may be the most interesting one. When the then-current President Madero was overthrown from his post by General Victorio Huerta, there was a lot of turmoil and panic in Mexico. It was one of the country’s weakest times.

He was brought into power by a revolution but after he reached the top he demobilized the revolutionaries and made them return to civilian life. Madero was an inexperienced politician and his reign in the state led to a lot of insurgencies. He relied heavily on the army to suppress rebel forces.    

Due to a lot of political instability the President was overthrown by Huerta. After the President was overthrown, a new problem arose for the election of a new one. According to the 1857 Constitution of Mexico the vice-president, the attorney general, the foreign minister, and the interior minister would succeed the President in the same order.  

CAPTION: Pedro Lascuráin (left) and General Heurta (right). SOURCE: The Complete MesoAmerica/ Busca Biografías

General Huerta who also overthrew the vice-president, and the attorney general so the then foreign minister Pedro Lascuráin was appointed as President according to the constitution to give a sense of legality to the coup.     

As it was only an attempt to make the coup seem less like a coup he immediately handed over his presidency to General Huerta. Sources claim different time periods for the president but most sources say he was president for 15-25 minutes which is less than an hour. This made him one of shortest serving Presidents ever.  

He then made General Huerta the President, he was a dictator and ruled with an iron fist over Mexico. He used to oppress and suppress anti-government groups. In an attempt to control the frequent insurgence in his regime he recruited massively for the Federal Army. They also recruited small boys as soldiers. Underage boys could be seen in big numbers in the Federal Army at the time.  

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