How Is The Relationship Between Ukrainian Model Valeria Lukyanova And Husband Dmitry Shkrabov? Do They Share Any Children?

News by Bean Published on 23 Jan,2019 Updated on 11 Sep,2019

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova famous for having the unique doll lookalike appearance is commonly renowned as the Real Life Barbie. She also was named the Miss Diamond Crown of Ukraine.  

The controversial beauty, Valeria is married to Dmitry Shkrabov. The couple has made few headlines because of their relationship. Is the pair happily together? Do they share any children? Stay will us for all the details.        

Valeria Lukyanova's Relationship With Husband Dmitry Shkrabov

Valeria Lukyanova is married to her childhood friend and longtime boyfriend Dmitry Shkrabov. As per Lukyanova, she does not believe in a physical and intimate relationship but in fact, believes in marriage and longterm partnership. 

Valeria and her husband Dmitry started dating since their young age. They are childhood sweethearts. The couple has been enjoying their decade long relationship for a long time now. But, they seem timid about their married life. It is yet to reveal when the two got married. 

CAPTION: Valeria Lukyanova with her husband Dmitry Shkrabov SOURCE: kiwi report

The human barbie model revealed that she is extremely shy when it comes to a physical relationship even with her better half. She claims,  she is a religious person and thinks it is good to be a celibate. The model urged that she does not have any animal instincts. The model confirmed: 

"I do not have animal urges. Some people enjoy eating the most, some having sex. I will say one thing - the less you make this so-called love, the better."

Moreover, Lukyanova made the duo sound like sharing brother and sister love rather than nuptial bonding between husband and wife.

Overcoming the thoughts of Valeria, Dimitry seems to be a loving husband and way too supportive. While in an interview praising her spouse, Lukyanova said:

"Dmitry is always on my side. He loves and supports me. He likes me with makeup and without."

Both of them are fond of traveling cum hiking and more of it both are a strict vegan. She continued:

"He became a strict vegetarian even earlier than I did. He is fond of mountains - he conquered Mount Elbrus. We were on Everest, went to Nepal and the Himalayan mountain range."

On the other hand, Dimitry, a Ukrainian well-established businessman, also frequently talks about his wife and shows love in various social and media platforms. His bio on his Facebook read:

"Meet. This is my pet, my wife Valeria Lukyanova aka Amatue".  

Valeria Lukyanova's Plans For Children

Valeria and husband Dmitry have no plan for children yet. On several occasions, she expressed that she has no desire to become a mother. She said:

"In general we support an open relationship. I don't feel the desire and the capacity to be a mother."

Maybe in the near future, the 34 years old model will think of having children, but as of now, she is not ready to take responsibility of a child. 

Quick Facts: Valeria Lukyanov

  • Valeria Lukyanova was born on 21 June 1992 in Tiraspol, Moldovan to parents; father Valery Lukyanova and mother Irina Pashkeeva.  
  • He holds a Ukrainian nationality and belongs to mixed ethnical background. 
  • The real-life model, Valeria was fond of collecting dolls as a child.
  • She is often claimed to undergone plastic surgeries which she denies vehemently.
  • In 2013, the controversial beauty, Valeria featured in the documentary, The Phase and also appeared in the horror movie, The Doll in 2016.
  • She posed along with Justin Jedlica, 'Human Ken'.

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