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Viktoriya Yermolyeva is a pianist of Ukrainian nationality known best for her skills on the piano and the number of wards she has won because of it. Also a YouTuber, she has been known for her YouTube videos and this is why people trend to search the details of her career and bio on several internet sites. She was born on the 2nd of November, 1978 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Viktoriya was born in Kiev and was enrolled in the Tchaikovsky Music Academy for her studies. She later joined the Liszt Academy of Music situated in Weimar as well as the International Piano Academy in Italy where she learnt to play the piano. She also studied at the Codarts Academy of Music and Modern Dance on Netherlands and won a variety of piano competitions in her earlier career. These include winning the first prize at the Filippo Trevisan competition, 1st Prize at 20th International Piano Competition Citta di Marsala, 1st Prize at 4th Sigismund Thalberg International Competition etc. among many more. She started her focus on rock music as her career since 2006,

Viktoriya has since focused on heavy metal covers by metal bands which are usually posted on her YouTube Channel. Her channel has garnered over 80 million views and she has the subscriber number of 300 thousand owing to her incredible singing talents and skills that she portrays through several of her videos. She does not only focus on doing metal covers but also covers some orchestral compositions of cla s sical style which makes her a very versatile singer. She also covers musical tracks that are not available in the music sheets provided. She has also performed at her very first rock live concert on Iceland with drummer Brian Viglione.

The personal life and dating history of Viktoriya is kept secretly hidden away under the layers of her versatile career. She has been known to be single ever since her rise to fame. It surely tells us that she is very secretive about her personal life and does not like to disclose details about her personal life to her fans and critics around the world. Viktoriya has never been a s sumed to be dating anybody of her own gender. So it can be said that she is not a lesbian and is straight. However, owing to the absence of a boyfriend and affair history, speculations have risen up about the great pianist. Viktoriya either is single as of now or is doing a pretty good job of hiding details about her personal life from her fans around the world. She has also never been married and does not have a spouse. Viktoriya also does not have any children yet.

The net worth and salary of Viktoriya has not been discussed widely in the public and through the amount must surely be huge, the actual amount is not known.

by Bchrome, 17 Feb, 2016

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