Here Is The List Of Four Shortest Celebrity Marriages In The Hollywood History

“I promise to love you, to be your friend, and your partner in crime and life, till death do us part” – such an oath gives happy lovers to each other at the altar. However, some people are ready to divorce just wedding bouquets wither and gifts are open.  

Star couples are not an exception – not all newly married couples manage to maintain a relationship no matter how ardent and intense their feelings are: after a lavish wedding celebration, there family everyday life begins. 

Well, short marriages are not uncommon in Hollywood. Hope you don’t behave as celebrities and can build a strong relationship with one of the hottest Ukrainians.

1. Jennifer Esposito And Bradley Cooper (Married 4 Months)   

Those, who didn’t believe that the Hollywood actor would marry Irina Shayk because he loved her, were a s sured that the reason for this reluctance of the star to lose the status of a bachelor was the unfulfilled marriage of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito. You are unlikely to find much information about the relationship between Cooper and Esposito.

They met in April 2005, fell in love with each other’s and after a year and a half, they married. But, apparently, the actors still hurried. Four months after the wedding, the lovers broke up and started the divorce process. Neither Cooper nor Esposito openly speaks about it. 

2. Jennifer Lopez And Cris Judd (Married 9 Months)

Actually, this well-known singer could appear twice in our rating. Her first marriage with waiter Ojani Noa was short-lived as well – 11 months. But we decided to pay special attention to the second official relationship of Jennifer Lopez because it was even shorter – only 9 months.

The singer met Cris Judd on the set of her clip “Love Do Not Cost a Thing” in early 2001. After a relationship with the “bad guy” P Diddy, Lopez noticed modest and charismatic Judd. In a couple of months, the lovers got engaged. And in September, they officially became a husband and a wife. However, the dancer couldn’t stand the test of the glory of his wife.

He was worried that everyone was talking about him just like “Jennifer Lopez’s husband” and that they were being hunted by the paparazzi. So, the couple broke up soon.

3. Britney Spears And Jason Alexander (Married 2,5 Days)  

Why are many so skeptical about marriages in Las Vegas? Because they can compete for the title of the most short-lived. And celebrities confirm this. The marriage of Britney Spears and her childhood friend Jason Alexander lasted 2.5 days!

It seemed that they knew each other like no one else. But, unfortunately, they couldn’t successfully exist together – as a husband and a wife. They say that in 2004, the singer fled to Los Angeles after having a not very pleasant conversation with her mother.

It wasn’t entirely clear whether it was Spears’ decision to enter into marriage consciously or whether this was an attempt to prove her independence to her mother.

4.  Lisa Marie Presley And Nicolas Cage (Married 3,5 Months)

When you once again dreamily think about the fact that an adult can be changed, remember this couple. At one of the Hollywood parties, Nicolas Cage saw Elvis Presley’s daughter dressed in an ultra-short skirt. He couldn’t take his eyes off the beauty. The actor didn’t cease to think about Lisa Marie Presley, even after learning about her two unsuccessful marriages and hundreds of stories about what kind of coquette this girl is.    

Five months after the meeting, they married. Cage was confident that Presley would become a “good girl”, but this didn’t happen. The actor’s friends a s sure that Lisa couldn’t abandon drugs and Cage couldn’t become for her more significant person than the great Elvis Presley.  


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