Simon Macauley a Kristian Alfonso's ex-husband What is He doing after his Divorce with Kristian Alfonso

Popular American actress/ fashion Diva Kristian Alfonso divorced her former husband Simon Macauley in early 1991. The couple has a son together named Gino William who is currently living with his father Simon.

Alfonso is taking well care of her sons Gino, Jack, and stepson. Yet, time and again these couples are getting clashes in relation to the upgrowth of the children. She is married to Danny Daggenhurst since 2001. 

Simon Macauley and Kristian Alfonso: A Divorced Couple

In an interview in a magazine, Alfonso stated that family is always the first priority she gives to her life. Kristian and Simon married for around four years. 

Kristian is currently married to Danny Daggenhurst and living a happy life. Looking towards Simon Macauley, he is achieving successful steps towards his career. He additionally is giving valuable time to his children and extends their happiness.

Simon further states, my children are my life. I can live without them. No matter those internal conflicts that made me and Kristian got separation from our married life, I don’t want to make my children feel the absence of their parents. He is making a regular visit to meet his children and providing all the necessary requirements for their wealthy living.

Following his divorce from his ex-wife Kristian, Simon has been totally away from the mainstream. 

Kristian's son William is happy with his Parents

Similarly, she states her sons are her life, and living with Macauley never provided her with happiness. Still, she is trying her best to communicate with their children with their parents in normal order. She states Simon is taking well care of our children.

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He always provides better care and attention and I am also happy looking towards his activities and fulfilling all the responsibilities that he has been carrying out. Kristian and Simon mutually understand the interest of their children.

CAPTION: Simon Macauley 

Gino also is happy with the activities his father is doing within him. He states, my father is my idol, I want to be like him and live like him. I am not worried about my life because my father is with me in every step of success with guidance. Simon Macauley, after the second marriage of Kristian Alfons, is quite depressed.

What is Simon Macauley Currently doing?

He states during her busy life and schedule we came to a decision of separation. Yet, Gino is living happily since the couple agreed to provide a better living off him. Simon is actively working for Gino. He provides proper guidance for his better career.

Yet, there is no clear information about the second marriage of Simon. Sources further state, he is still in love with Kristian though they already have a separation.

This 52-year-old beautiful lady is busy with her household and career. Simon on the other side is single and taking well care and attention of his son. Looking back across Simon's relationship history Kristian is the only girl whom he has dated so far. He isn’t interested in getting involved in any other relationship within the present context.

Quick Facts of Kristian Alfonso

  • She was born on September 5, 1963, in Brockton, Ma s sachusetts. 
  • She belongs to American nationality and has a mixed ethnical background.  
  • She is better known for her work on the NBC dramatic serial Days of Our Lives


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