Danny Daggenhurst Married to actress Kristian Alfonso: See Their Married Life & Children

News by Bartley Published on 21 Dec,2015 Updated on 16 Jul,2018

Danny Daggenhurst is known merely by being the husband of Kristian Alfonso. She is a popular actress, model and Figure Skater who got married to Danny in 2001. Kristian is the second wife of Danny. The couple has been raising three children together. Curious to know more about the couple's relationship? We have some exclusive details, here.

Danny Daggenhurst And Kristian Alfonso's Blissful Married Life

Right after the divorce of Kristina and failure from her very first marriage with Simon Macaulay she got married to Danny. She states she is happy with her current relationship.

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Krist had failed her first marriage and divorced her husband Simon Macauley.  She does not want to repeat the same mistake again. This couple has one child and living a happy family in the United States.

Danny and Kristian got married on 6 October 2001 and living a happy and successful marriage till the present. Though Kristina has two children the one from her first husband, she states she is happy for having such a loyal husband as Danny.


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The couple frequently plans for a normal vacation to spend the time across each other. They love spending time watching movies and trekking to the beautiful places all across. They are also stated as one of the best examples of an understanding between husband and wife.

Lesser-known facts about Danny Daggenhurst

Though Danny is not so popular and a current established public figure this might also be the reason for the absence of his total information within the public.

He is very limited in his relationship and his current bounding. He loves his family a lot and states that his family will always stand within his very first priority.


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Kristian states, Danny is very forward and responsible in regard to her and her child. He is happy to take over all the household activities that and helping his wife at the very same time.

He is also providing all the necessary efforts for the progress of the Kristina progressive steps in life. Because of having such a supportive husband as her life partner Kristian states that she will be forever with him and never ask for any divorce or the end of their marriage. Their married life has also set as one of the most romantic couples till the date.

Danny is a brilliant and a hardworking man. Though the public stills lack what is the present job that he is holding, still assumes that he is earning a success net worth for the well living of their life.

They are planning to shift their location to where they are living currently and planning for a better education for their child. Danny is planning to start his own business. He wants to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur for that he is also taking advice from the successful business person.

He further states, all his success credit goes to his wife and with the blessings of the child. They are also planning to have another baby but have not officially declared anything about it.