Have you ever wondered about the net worth of actress and former model Kristian Alfonso?

Kristian Alfonso is a well-established actress and entrepreneur of a jewelry line named hope. The talented actress from Brockton, Ma s sachusetts is well known for acting and she has been the inspiration of bold acting for many superstars from nineties till today.

Kristian got into a tragic tobogganing accident which ended her athletic career but the young Kristian did not stop there stuck in the tragedy by the time she was sixteen she had established herself as a successful model the industry.

She was making a noticeable career as a model for some big names. She was featured on the cover pages of Vogue magazine, Inside Sports as well as on the front cover of the famous magazine called Seventeen. Let's take a ride towards her career and net worth. 

90's Hot Actress Kristian Alfonso

Kristian was a hot actress who thrilled her fans with the sexy body and super seductive voice both in small as well as big screen. Her fame reached to the seventh sky with the daily show named The days of our lives as Hope Williams Brady

Alfonso is still considered as the bold actress who added the sizzling hot spice in many movies like Blindfold Acts of Obsession, Day of Redemption and Army of One alongside Joshua tree where she gave a hot bathroom scene without using a body double which was considered pretty bold step taken by an actress back in the early nineties.

 The shower scene stunned her fans and made her more popular than she ever was before. Her hot bathroom scene has more than three hundred thousand views on youtube which shows how popular the scene was. 

Kristian got married to her first husband was Simon Macauley in 1987 but the longtime love and marriage broke apart after four years in 1991.

Kristian remarried for the second time in her life to Danny Daggenhurst on October 6, 2001. Kristian has a son named  Gino William who was born in 1990 from her former husband Simon Macauley and she has another son named Jack from Danny Daggenhurst who was born in born July 18, 2002, Danny also has a son named Spartan from his previous marriage. 

Fashionable Jewelry Line by Supermodel Alfonso

Kristian Alfonso is also into fashion accessory business. She has a jewelry line named belief in Shopping channel which is followed by many.

Alfonso who is an Italian descendant is also a fashion enthusiast and knows a lot about making a statement both on and off screen which levels her brand and she is making a good amount of money out of it too. Alfonso's estimated net worth around $5 million and her salary is not disclosed yet.

Alfonso was born on September 5, 1963, in Brockton, Ma s sachusetts USA  as a daughter to Gino Alfonso and Joanne Alfonso. She was a skating champion in her high school days, She is a junior Olympian and a gold medalist skating champion. She won Junior Olympics for skating at the age of 13.


01 Jan,1970 Simon Macauley a Kristian Alfonso's ex-husband What is He doing after his Divorce with Kristian Alfonso

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