How happy is the married life of Danny Daggenhurst and his wife Kristian Alfonso?

News by Clarence Published on 18 Oct,2016 Updated on 20 Sep,2021

Danny Daggenhurst is well known for being the husband of actress Kristian Alfonso. Married on October 6, 2001, Kristian Alfonso is Daggenhurst's second wife.

Kristian separated from her previous husband Simon Macaulay before dating Danny. Kristian, in an interview, said that she will never end her current relationship and support Danny in every aspect of his life. Dive into their happy married life here!!

Danny Daggenhurst And Kristian Alfonso's Married Life

The second marriage of both the celebrity took place in 2001 after Kristian divorced her former husband. The couple is very happy with each other to date as they have spent more than a decade together.

Kristian is very happy with all she has now and also explained how lucky is she to find Danny as her partner.

Danny Daggenhurst's Relationship History

Before meeting Alfonso, he once married another actress Nabila Khashoggi. The couple also welcomed a son named Sparton together. They were married in 1992 and lived together for a few years. Then, the couple divorced from each other and both married to another person. 

Danny's wife actress Nabila Khashoggi later married James Cox Chambers- an American billionaire heir. She also shares a child with him.