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Lily James was born on April 5, 1989. She was born  in Esher; Surrey England Mostly Lily is remembered by her character in a period drama called Downton Abbey where her character was with the name as Lady Rose MacClare. She also played the title role of Cinderella that was a big hit with her higher demand and popularity in the year 2015. She was the daughter of popular actor and musician named James S. Thomson. Her family background belonged from the film industry where her grandmother was a popular actress during the rime named Helen Horton. Her nationality is English.

During the year 2011 Lily purposely started her career. She played within Young Vic Theatre as Taylor. The very last year she left the drama school and started her career within the film industry. After playing the character of Korrina during the year 2012 her popularity was highly increased. She was also seen within Fast Girls this was a famous story written by Noel Clarke. Among all this her title character within Disney’s Cinderella was a high success and a big hit. 

The actress has played a number of breakout roles in many successful movies such as 2018 comedy movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again sharing the credits with Christine Baranski, Pierce Brosnan, Dominic Cooper, Colin Firth, and Andy Garcia.

Lily is a pessimist girl. She loves shopping a lot. She is fashionable and loves to dress up with her unique form of style. She loves strong arguments that are stated for a change. She has 2 brothers whom she loves a lot. Accordingly she is a Mezzo- Soprano. Her very birthday and she on screen mother in Cinderella has a same date for the birthday celebration.

Lily James' Net Worth And Earnings 

Lily James has an estimated net worth of around $4 million, in 2019, as per celebrity net worth. 

Her 20 outfit is around £300,000 that is designed by the international designer. Her net worth in the year 2015 is around $3000000 that is an increasing order as compared to previous years.

Lily James' Personal Life And Relationship 

The love circle of this girl is very interesting. She has a huge fan following along with a high number of well- wisher. James is not married till present context. But she has made a public announcement about her open relationship with Matt Smith who has also played with her as a costar in Pride and prejudice and Zombies. They have no any children and they made this announcement in 2015. She is additionally the 6th cousin of the former president of United States George Bush. Her ancestry is French, Scottish and English most often. 

Lily James' Body Measurement 

Lily James has an attractive height. She is 5 feet 7 inch tall in her height. She has well maintained her figure as according to her height. James perfect body structure and dressing style of also attractive that her fan try to copy her style.

James is found across the internet sites. She has her personal accounts as well as accounts made by her fans as fan clubs and fan pages. She is mostly found within twitter.

by sanjeet, 14 Dec, 2015

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