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Pierce Brendan Brosnan is an Irish actor, a producer as well as an environmentalist; born on the 16th of May, 1953 in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland as the only son of  a carpenter father Thomas Brosnan and mother May Brosnan; a housewife.

Pierce Brendan was brought up in a family of Roman Catholic and sent to study in a school run by Christians and he was the altar boy. However,after things took a turn in his family his new father allowed him to move to London where he was educated at the Elliott Comprehensive School in south London. He wanted to pursue a career as an artist and so, after high school trained at the Saint Martin's School of Art. Then he realized his pa s sion for acting and entered into Drama Centre London, as an actor. 

Pierce Brendan'ss dating list looks like a pretty large one, with many known names in it, although he is now married to his wife Keely Shaye Smith, since 2001. The two of them began dating since 1994 and dated long enough to realize that they were bound to live together. Apart from Keely, Pierce also dated actress Kathryn Kinley (1993/ 1994) and Julianne Phillips (1992/ 1993), for a year each. He was also romantically involved with Brenda Starr, Denice Lewis,and Ca s sandra Harris during different years of his youth. 

Pierce Brendan has got 5 children from different women. he has got 4 sons and one daughter who is the eldest of all named Charlotte Brosnan, who is already married. His son Chris and Sean were born from his other relationships whereas Dylan and Paris were born after his marriage with Keely. 

There are not many controversies surrounding Pierce Brendan and the one which said he was not ready to play the James Bond role, is not a controversy anymore because he has already played the role and has explained this rumor to be true as well. At the beginning, he was scared of how big this role was and that he wouldn't be able to perform it. However, he did it good!

Pierce Brendan has also donated or founded many organizations for children and women like: Free Arts for Abused Children, Red Cross, Revlon Run/Walk For Women, Starlight Children's Foundation and others. Seems like besides his big image and big bank balance, Pierce also has got a big heart for others.

Pierce Brendan has been a role model for many. He is a stylish man, with a well-shaped body and attractive face as well as character and wouldn’t be a surprise to find his photos in many female admirers’ rooms. With a height of 6 feet and 2 inches, his last recorded body weight was about 88 kg and as he has not been to the gym for a while, it has started to make him look old and lazy. But in his younger days, he used to an average body but was considered to be very sexy, especially for his shirtless roles. 

Having had a successful career in his lifetime, Pierce also has got a good bank balance and property. His estimated net worth, according to Forbes in 2014 was around 80 million US dollars. 


by Bchrome, 15 Aug, 2016

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