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Matt Smith was born with his birth name as Matthew Robert Smith. The birth date of Matt is in 28 October 1982 and he is running 33 years old by his age. The birth place of Matt is within Northampton England and his character within Doctor Who as Eleventh Doctor made him popular among his fans within which was a BBC science fiction series. This also made him too got nominated into BAFTA Award which was entitled in the year 2011. From the past year 2003 till the present context his work being as an actor is highly appreciated by his fans and along with this previously he was also planning to be a footballer by the previous times in his life. His father name was David and his mother name is Lynne Smith who got divorced right after Matt got his birth.

Matt completed his high school from Northampton School for boys and he was a very good student during the very time. With his hearing of the friends and friend circle encouraged him to become a football player and he also played for Northampton Town, Nottingham Forest during the very time. But later he changed his mentality and became apart within National Youth Theatre for his career in search within the television and theatre programs. Later on, he also pursues his education in the subject of drama and creative writing and he completed his study from University of East Anglia. He completed his graduation in the year 2005. 

Smith is very positive mind of person and he is very sophisticated by his real nature. For him his sister Laura is a source of inspiration to her and she showed him the landmark step of success in her life. But the personal contextual life of Matt is not very clear looking to his bio as compared to his career because there is no any absolute information about his affair, married, spouse and girlfriend within his area of his personal life. Much of the information is about his career and that is reaching to the higher and remarkable ability of success. The trademark of Matt is also significantly attractive he has strong defined jaw line because of which girls get attracted towards him as well as his eccentric personality also makes him look better with his intelligent form of styling. Matt is not gay and he has never suffered in any sorts of rumor or controversy in regard to his personal and professional life indeed.

The height of Matt Smith is 6 feet tall and his white face makes him look pure and young within this time. Most of his fans also say he still looks like a teenager. The salary and net worth earned from his bio makes him to achieve around 6 million American dollars in the year 2015.

by Bchrome, 14 Feb, 2016

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