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Born on July 18, 1980 Kristen Anne Bell is a famous American actress as well as singer. She started her career in 2001 with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as Becky Thatcher. She has played in various television guest appearances and small film parts. Playing the title character on television series Veronica Mars she gained her fame.Her height is 5ft 1inch or she is 155 cm tall. Huntington woods which is a suburb of Detroit is the place where she was born and raised. She is the only daughter of her parents Lorelei and Tom. Her father is a television news director for CBS whereas her mother is a registered nurse. She also has two half-sisters, Sara and Jody. They are from her fatherís second marriage. She didnít like her first name before and used her middle name Anne instead till high school. She appeared as in film Reefer Madness where her character name was Mary Lane which was during her time on Veronica Mars.

In 2006 she played the lead role in film Pulse which is the re-make of J-Horror film.Similarly she was also part of the television series Heroes where she played the character of Elle Bishop. She has also acted in various number of comedy films such as You Again, Fan boys , couple retreat and When in Rome. In 2013 she gave her voice to the character of Princess Annain in Disney animated film Frozen which is said to be highest-grossing animated film of all time. For her remarkable contribution she was nominated various times for Television Critics Association Awards as well as Teen Choice Awards. She won two awards Satellite and Saturn awards. She was interested in drama and music from her school days and was also part of clubs. She was involved in various kinds of activities related to drama. She was also named as the Best looking Girl in her school.

She was in relationship with her former fiancť for five-years which finally ended in 2007. Later on she told her that being in relationship is not her cup of tea. She was dating with actor Dax Shepard after that and they get married on 2013 at Beverly Hills. She got pregnant after her marriage and they had a baby. Lincoln Bell Shepard was put as her baby name which was born on 2013. She turned out to be very bright daughter. In 2014 they are expecting their second baby.

When she was 11 she became a vegetarian as she was fond of animals. So it was very difficult for her to have them as her meal so she became vegetarian. She fostered animals from Michigan Human Society and support other organization and help them in fund raising to protect them. She was also engaged in campaign supporting Barack Obama during 2008 election.


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