Five Facts About Kate Middleton And Prince William's Children

News by Kiara Watson Published on 24 Apr,2018 Updated on 27 Apr,2018

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton welcomed baby number three, Prince Louis Arthur Charles. Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the baby boy on 23 April 2018. They confirmed the news of Middleton's pregnancy with their third child on 4 September 2017.

Duke of Cambridge and  Duchess of Cambridge have two more children, Prince George of Cambridge born on July 22, 2013, and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge born on May 2, 2015.

There are certain rules royal children should follow and here we have listed some of five interesting rules Prince William and Princess Middleton's children should obey.

5. They Can't Travel Together With Their Dad Prince William

It is the rule of British Royal Family that direct successor can't travel together in an airplane, however, the 4-year-old Prince George born George Alexander Louis has already broken the rule.

CAPTION: Prince George of Cambridge,4, and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge,2, are not allowed to travel together on a plane with dad Prince William SOURCE: The Cut


George was escorted by Prince William while traveling to Australia and New Zealand in 2014. At the time, price George was just nine months old.

4. They Must Stop Eating The Moment Queen Elizabeth II Stops Eating

As per royal rule, the moment Queen stops eating everyone should stop eating even if they have just started eating. This rule has been followed since the era of Queen Victoria. Prince George and Princess Charlotte also should follow the obligation and stop eating as soon as granny Elizabeth II stops eating.

3. They Are Not Allowed To Have Christmas Gift

While most of the kids in the UK enjoy the Christmas with Christmas gift in front of the Christmas tree, the scenario is different in Kensington Palace.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte celebrate Christmas visiting a church and listening to Queen  Elizabeth II's speech. 

2. They Are Not Allowed To Eat Package Food

Package food is strictly prohibited in the royal family. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are allowed to eat only fresh and green foods. 



Reportedly, Prince George put on a fight while eating green vegetables and Kate Middleton had to use tricks to feed him greens.

1. They Must Celebrate Christmas With All Family Under One Roof

Royal family should celebrate Christmas with all family at Sandringham house, a private palace of Queen Elizabeth II, however, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, plans to break the rule as she wanted William, George, and Charlotte to celebrate Christmas with her parents and siblings. 

CAPTION: Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge should celebrate Christmas with all family at Sandringham house, a private palace of Queen Elizabeth II SOURCE: Baby Gaga


Looks like Middleton wants her children to celebrate Christmas normally.