A Couple In Kuwait Annulled Their Marriage Just Three Minutes After Tying The Knot: Find Out Why?

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Making a relationship work is a very tough job but is it so difficult as to get your marriage annulled barely three minutes after getting married. Ask the couple from Kuwait who got their marriage annulled barely three minutes after getting wed.         

The couple was enjoying their marriage until the newlywed bride slipped and lost her balance, the groom made fun of her and called her stupid which the bride did not take well. In fact, she took such offense to her husband’s words that she called off her marriage immediately.

Well, it is a bit understandable that she would be offended because no one likes to get insulted especially by the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with on their wedding day. The groom went so far as to call her stupid which as we all can acknowledge is a fundamental mistake.

CAPTION: A photo of a couple after getting married. SOURCE: Vox

Many people backed the wife as they understood that an insult on their marriage day by their “better” half can be quite hurtful and humiliating. On top of that, the insult came after the bride fell in front of all the people at her wedding.

Some people took to social media to express their support for the 3-minute wife and said

"If this is how he acts right at the beginning, it's better to leave him."

Someone else added

"A marriage with no respect is a failed one right from the beginning."

After the incident occurred the bride demanded the same judge that oversaw their marriage to annul the wedlock minutes after they got married.

As per data from a Kuwaiti news channel Q8 the marriage is the shortest in Kuwait’s history at only 3 minutes. It is not the shortest in history as a man from Dubai divorced his wife seconds after getting married in an adjacent courtroom in 2012.

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Well, incidents like this occur all over the world and not just in the Middle East, in 2004 a couple from the UK went their own ways just an hour and a half after their marriage.

After tying the knot in a registry office near Manchester and marriage ended after the groom made a speech regarding his bridesmaids. The bride took an ashtray and smashed it on his head then it all kicked off and the police interfered.  

Whatever the case may be 90 minutes is a lot longer than 3 minutes.

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