Russia FIFA World Cup 2014

The Russia national football team features Russia in football association and is looked after by the Russian Football Union, the head of the soccer in Russia. The History of Russia itself reveals the talent of the Russian Players. Russia stretched themselves in the quarter-finals with Sweden in 1958, Chile in 1962 and Mexico in 1970 respectively. During the early two tournaments they were dismissed by the hosts. The Head coach of the Russian Soccer Team is Fabio Capello with the Captain
Sergei Ignashevich.The top scorer among the Players in the History is Vladimir Beschastnykh. The highest ranking made by the Group was the 3rd position picked on April in 1996 with attainment of lowest rank in FIFA as 40th position on December 1998. After ending the relationship with the Soviet Union, Russia wanted their own identity and hence debuted in the first international match against Mexico on August 16 in 1992 where it was able to win the score of 2–0.

When they were drawn with Portugal, Russia was not able to get the favorite position to win Group F and achieve to Brazil in soccer world cup 2014. They Started their agenda with the great expectations where the Russians beated and won over Northern Ireland and Israel. With the strong determination, Fabio Capello then uttered their desires to kick off the Portuguese in Moscow of a single Alexander Kerzhakov goal. Reflecting the Russian Flag the Group is coloured with red, blue and white colours.The Russian get up was former supplied by Adidas, Nike, and Reebok. Presently Adidas is the supplier of the Russian national team’s official T-Shirt.The soccer Group is now strongly founded on defensive base. Having the efficient and skilled goalkeeper, Igor Akinfeev who even did not lose a single second during the qualifying competition .The another achievments that Russia grips to get is from the Defence, Sergey Ignashevich marshalled. Fabio Capello’s most worthy property in his team is supposed to be midfielder Victor Fayzulin who is an accomplished qualifier. Captain Roman Shirokov is going to miss the game being suffering from knee ligament injury. The achievements made by the Russain team had begun from the earlier stars ashin, Eduard Streltsov, Oleg Blokhin

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List of Football Player of Russia FIFA World Cup 2014