Football is an outdoor which is played by kicking a ball with the foot and score a goal. It is played against two teams each having 11 players. The team with high goal scores is considered as winner of the game. Among them one is called goalkeeper who mostly remains within the penalty area in front of the goal post and other players have different positions as defender, midfielder and forward. Football is considered as the king of the Sports and also known as the beautiful game. It is the most watched Sports in the world with the most numbers of spectators.  The most popular of these sports is association football which is commonly known as football or soccer.  There is no exact information available on where the football has been originated. Football includes an association football forming a team of football players. There are number of clubs and players in the world pacing to earn the global popularity showing off their skills competing with other football players. Besides, being the most popular sports in the world, national football team of the country also help in its international recognition. The most famous form of Football in the world is FIFA World Cup.