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Igor Akinfeev, full name, Igor Vladimirovich Akinfeev is a Russian Footballer playing as a Goalkeeper in the football arena. He is also a caption of  Russian National Team and Russian Premier League club, PFC CSKA Moscow.

Early Life And Career of Igor Akinfeev

Igor Akinfeev was born on 1986 April 8 at Vidnoyye, Moscow Oblast, Russia. Irina Akinfeev and Vladimir Akinfeev are the names of his parents. There is no news available on his relationship with any woman.

Yevgeny Akinfeev is the name of his Siblings. He was taken to the Sports School of CSKA Moscow by his father when he was four years old. He was chosen as a goalkeeper since his second training. He has started his professional career from the year 2003.

Igor Akinfeev started youth career joining in the youth academy of CSKA Moscow in 1991. He spent around 11 years growing and enhancing his skills. He was promoted in the senior team of CSKA Moscow in 2003 and debut his professional career.

He has lined up in the CSKA team when he was 17 years of age. He is in the team of CSKA since 2003 until now. He has appeared in 280 matches from CSKA so far. He has been the first choice goalkeeper in the team since his debut.

He has won various honors including UEFA Cup, three National Championships and Zvezda trophy, for the best player from the former Soviet Union. He is the captain of CSKA team. He plays in the Current Team of CSKA Moscow wearing jersey No.35 as a goalkeeper.

He is in the Russian National Football Team since 2004. He has appeared in 68 capped matches from this team. He has been playing for the same club and has been contracted till 2019 with no news of transfer.

Igor Akinfeev is a hardworking and talented goalkeeper. He is rated as one of the best young players of Europe. He is young, enthusiastic and ambitious. He has the great agility and speed in the game. He has good concentration and penalty saving skills.

He is also praised for saving the close range shots so called as a shot-stopper. He is flexible with acrobatic moves. He is a committee, brave, motivates and technically very able and sound Russian goalkeeper. He has a good vision and durability in the game.

Igor Akinfeev has impressed his club and nation by his performances. He became the youngest player to represent the Russian Federation in the international match in the history of Russian National Football Team of the age of 18 years and 20 days.

He established himself as one of the best players in the team of the club as well as National Team. It had been the huge injury blow after the news was revealed as Igor Akinfeev could be in leave from football for six months due to his knee injury. Igor Akinfeev had the knee ligament rupture in 2007 as well.

Igor Akinfeev's Net Worth

According to the player Salary statistical record, his Salary in 2011 was reported to be 2 million Euros. His current market value is 17.6 million GBP and his agent is Ungeklart.

Igor Akinfeev's Personal Life 

Igor Ankinfeev is married to Ekaterina Gerun, who is a daughter of writer and language and literature teacher. The couple blessed with two children, a son, Daniil, and a daughter, Evangeline. 

The family of Igor Akinfeev is enjoying a happy and blissful with each other with no signs of turmoil.

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