Louis CK Amidst Sexual Harassment Allegations, List Of Women Who Have Come Forward

News by Joey Jordan Published on 10 Nov,2017 Updated on 10 Nov,2017

Comedian Louis C.K. has been facing sexual misconducts allegations after five women (comedian) came forward with their sexual misconduct experiences against him, amid the burst of sexual misconducts accusations against the powerful Hollywood celebrities including Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Roy Price.

After years of unsubstantiated rumors about the comedian masturbating in front of his associates, women came forward describing their experience with The New York Times. Dana Goodman, Julia Wolov, Abby Schachner, Rebecca Corry, and an anonymous woman explained how they went through the situation in a New York Time's Story.

Five women came forward with sexual misconducts allegations against comedian Louis C.K.

Five women came forward with sexual misconducts allegations against comedian Louis C.K.

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Dana Goodman and Julia Wolov explained they performed at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado in 2002. After their performance in the event, C.K. asked them to hang out in his hotel room for a nightcap which they accepted without thinking twice.

They said they had been sitting down in his room with still wrapped in their winter clothes and suddenly C.K. asked if he could take out his penis. At first, they thought he was kidding and laughed at it, but ''he really did it',' said Ms. Goodman. She said,

he proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating.

Later in 2003, comedian Abby Schachner called Louis to invite him to her show, and she claimed, she could hear him masturbating during their conversation.

Abby Schachner accuses Louis C.K. of sexual misconducts

Abby Schachner accuses Louis C.K. of sexual misconducts

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Another comedian Rebecca Corry had also faced the similar kind of situation while she was appearing with Louis on a television pilot in 2005. She told he asked her if he could masturbate in front of him which she declined straightforward.

An anonymous woman who had worked with C.K. on The Chris Rock Show in late 90's has described the same story differently: that CK has an abusive habit of crossing a sexual limit with female colleagues by inappropriate exposing himself to them and masturbating and ultimately offering private apologies later.

New York Times reported when they tried to contact for an interview about the on-the-record accusations of sexual misconduct, his publicist, Lewis Kay, said the comedian would not respond and later on Tuesday night, Mr. Kay wrote, ''Louis is not going to answer any questions," in an email.