Who Is American Actor Joseph Sikora Married To? His Relationship And Controversies

News by Bean Published on 24 Dec,2018 Updated on 24 Dec,2018

Despite having a high profile, some of the celebrities prefer to maintain their personal life off the limelight and keep it confidential. Joseph Sikora aka Tommy Egan from the TV hit series Power, to name a few, often recognized as Eminem‘s look-alike.            

The 42-year-old handsome man, Sikora lives a very mysterious personal life where his married life is, even more,  bigger mystery. So, what do you think, is he married? If yes to whom? Does he have any children? We have got it all down. Be sure to go till the end...    

Who Is Joseph Sikora Married To...?

Joseph Sikora is a married man who tied the knot in 2014 in the secret ceremony. He exchanged vows with a makeup artist whom he dated for a few years. As per sources, he met her on the set of Terence Winter's crime drama TV series, Boardwalk empires in 2010. He was cast alongside  Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald,  Vincent Piazza, among others.      

Sikora has not disclosed any information about his wife. But reports have it, he wedded with a Jersey Girl. This adorable couple is living together in Manhattan and his mother Barbara is affectionate towards the couple for being a perfect fit for each other.     

CAPTION: Joseph With His Wife SOURCE: Twitter

Joseph is living quite a secretive life. He has not disclosed any information about his better half, Mrs. Sikora. He, however,  frequently shares his feeling towards his wife via social media.   

On 15 August 2017, one of his Twitter fans named Laura Clarke offered marriage pledge with him, but the handsome hunk disappointed his fan and joked that his wife would kill him.

In 2018, he gave some clue about his wife through Twitter.  

Even though Sikora is very confidential about his personal life, as per the sources, the pair lives an ecstatic life together. They do not have a child yet. 

Joseph Sikora's Controversies: Gay!!!  

Joseph Sikora has his own share of the rumours and controversies regarding his sexual orientation. He always hid details relating to his personal life away from the nose of media.

One of his Twitter followers in April 2015 asked him that if he would like to play the gay role. Joseph expressed that if the script demands he would play.   

CAPTION: Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in TV series Power SOURCE: Paste Magazine

However, his character role in the famous TV series, Power has raised eyebrows of his fans and audience. This prominent role of him in this series left his fans in dire need of clarifications as it concerns his sexual orientation.

The makeup he wears for this role and his performance while portraying the Tommy Egan role is likewise gayish for viewers of series. Despite that fact, there is no other concrete evidence to question his sexuality.  

Joseph Sikora: Quick Facts