Uruguay is located in the southeastern region of South America officially known as Oriental Republic of Uruguay or the Eastern Republic of Uruguay or as the Republic East of the Uruguay. It stands with the motto of Freedom or Death. Uruguay shares its border with Argentina in the west, Brazil in the north and east and Atlantic Ocean in the south. The capital of Uruguya is Montevideo. The people of Uruguay are known as Uruguayan. The official language of Uruguay is Spanish.

Uruguay is the second smallest sovereign country in South America. It is one of the developing nations in the world. It enjoys temperate climate being the home to 2500 species of floras. Uruguayan culture is strongly influenced from European culture. Football has been the most popular sports in Uruguay. It has won two of the World FIFA Cups in 1930 and 1950. It has won the 15 Copa America football Tournaments. Uruguay has earned the name through the Men’s Football in the world.