Rapper is a person or an artist who raps or performs the rap music. A Rapper is also known as urban poet. Rapping is the act that the rappers do. It is an act of speaking or chanting the rhyming lyrics. It contains content, flow and delivery. It has to be performed in time to a beat. A rapper must have vocal presence, enunciation and breathe control in order to rap. It seems and sounds easy and interesting but is really a tough work. Not everyone can rap. Rappers can choose any to topic to rap about. This has been the best method to show their agreement and disagreement or their worries and woes to the issues in terms of rhyme these days. Some of the rappers even use the slang words in terms of rhyming and expressing which has been accepted and kept with beep sound in the music to avoid the controversies. Rapping is generally famous in youngsters. There are many rappers in the world but most of them belong to the youth age. The most popular rappers to mention are Eminem, 50 Cent,Ja,  Rule,  Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg etc.