Guitarist is also known as a guitar player. A guitarist is one who plays a musical instrument called Guitar. There are various types of guitars as classical guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars. Whatever the guitars a person plays is known as guitarist. A guitarist is a musician. They accompany with guitar either by singing or accompanying with harmonica. A guitarist plays in several ways depending upon the type of strings and including guitar pick, fingernail or fingertip. Guitarists are the talented one and it involves the techniques as well. From the lead to the rhythm, guitarists harmonizes the beat and tones with other musical instruments. A guitarist is recognized most in any musical band after the singer and mostly a singer is a guitarist in the musical band. When it comes to the fame and name of Guitarist, Jimi Hendrix is the most recognized name all over the world followed by Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Johnny Marr, etc.