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Robert Cray was born in August 1, 1953 originally belongs from Columbus, Georgia of USA. He is 62 in his age and his genres are blues and blue rock that is famed for being a singer and blues guitarist within American music industry. He also has been awarded with Grammy Award for 5 times in his life and also because of his solo career and band performance he is been recognized among the people. From 1974 within the current time he is active by his performance and his labels are mostly Mercury and Nozzle. His father was also musician and mother was working in a music studio. Looking to his parents he collects high inspiration to stand himself also within this career.

From the early teen Robert used to play guitar. He obtained his schooling from Denbigh High School and he was excellent in his education as well. He mentioned Albert Collins and Muddy Water as his inspirational heroes during the time he was 20 years old. Watching their performance in concert he made up with the mentality to start his own band very soon and started playing music from his early college days. This made him to introduce Robert Cray band and started along with Curtis Salgado. His very fourth album was the winner of Grammy Award in the very time which name as Strong Persuader that happened to be more encouraging to start up his career with huge success and compliment.

Cray is a married man who is very committed with the relationship with his wife. His spouse name is Susan Turner- Cray whom he married in 10 February 1990. On watching to his biography it can be seen that he is family oriented man who is very sincere towards his wife and child. Robert always makes proper planning of his upcoming events and his tours often takes place which also makes him to visit several places across. His lyrics in his songs are amazing that makes him to collect his fans. On the other hand being committed towards his family till current context he has never been into any story of rumors and controversy dictating to end up his married life. He loves reading books and has visited different places during his band tour. In his school days he was also in love with one of the girl but their relation did not lasted for long time as he met Susan and decided to marry her seriously. His songs in YouTube also have high subscription. 

Young Bob is also another time from which Cray is recognized. Further than this, looking to his height it is 6 feet 1 inches but the weight measurement is not clearly indicated. Moreover he is progressive with his salary and current net worth is indicated to be 3 million American dollars which is approximate sum of amount during this year.

by Bchrome, 25 Apr, 2016

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