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Scotti Hill was born on May 31, 1964 and he is fifty one year old currently. He was born as Scott Lawrence Mulvehill in Manha s set, New York, United states. He was raised with his parents in his native birth land New York. His parents were Native Americans. He is American according to his nationality is he holds citizenship of United States of America. Hill is white by his ethnicity. His star sign is Gemini. He has three sister but details about her sister are not updated yet.

Any information regarding Scotti Hill’s educational background is unknown. Hill had a huge interest in music from his early childhood and he started playing with guitar in his teen age. He joined the band for which he currently very much famous for Skid Row in his early twenties.

Before joining the band Skid Row he was in the band Ozone Monday. In the he was the members singer Shawn McCabe, current Skid Row members guitarist Dave "The Snake" Sabo and ba s sist Rachel Bolan. After joining Skid Row he was featured in many of the album. In 1989 he was featured in the album entitled Skid Row. A year after in 1990 he was one of the important members of the band for their album Oh Says Can You Scream. In 1991 his band released another huge hit album Slave To The Grind.

In 1993 he and his band Skid Row came with the album No Frills Video, it contained a number of his songs and the album was commercially super hit. The other super hit albums of the band in which he was featured are Subhuman Race released on 1995, Subhuman Beings on Tour, released on 1995, Thickskin is the fourth full-length studio album released by Skid Row on 2003.

On October 24, 2006 the metal band released their fifth full-length studio album Revolutions per Minute. And on 2014, they released their album Rise of the Damnation Army, which consists of super hit songs like Catch Your Fall, Give It The Gun and We Are The Damned.

Scotti Hill is very stylist musician; he has been in relation with couple of girls in the past. But his current relational status is not clear according to his Twitter status he has illustrated that he is both father and husband. But exact information either he is married or not and information relating his spouse and children is unknown.

Hill dated Lori Goldberg in the past and there is no information that when they started and ended their relationship. He was also in the romantic relationship with Misai Hill. In 1991 he shared a relationship with her girlfriend Melissa and during the days of their affair, she was also often seen in his concerts and live performances. He has a typical curly long hair and is style icon during 80s. And the information that he is dating is also missing. 

 Scotti Hill’s net worth and information about his salary is not known. The information about his career and his bio is updated in IMDb and Wiki.

by Bchrome, 02 Feb, 2016

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