DJ is the abbreviation or Disco Jockey. DJ is a person who mixes the recorded music for his/her audiences making them groove in the disco or other musical events. DJ is the adopted pseudonyms that people who DJs use before their names to denote their profession. There are several types of DJs in the market. The most common ones are the Radio DJs and Club DJs. But most of the people consider Club DJs are the real DJs. The act a DJ does whilst mixing the music is known as DJing. It needs lots of years of practice and learning and passion. It’s not easy job to mix different music and make the people grove on it. DJ uses several techniques to better mix and blends the recorded music to the right beat. DJ is generally identified with the earphones on their head and busy with the equipments using both their hands and alongside grooving on it. DJ is the perfumes of the musical events.