Scarlett Johansson Taken To LA Police Department Following Paparazzi Scare

News by Sammy Published on 10 Apr,2019

The American actress, Scarlett Johansson asked for security with the LA Police department after following a paparazzi incident. 

  • Scarlett Johansson asked for help with the Los Angeles Police Department after being overpowered by the paparazzi.
  • The incident occurred outside Jimmy Kimmel Live after filming on Monday night.
  • As per some of the sources, she has been the target of the paparazzi over some years.
  • Once in 2005, she got into an accident while trying to run away from the paparazzi. 

The 34 years' old actress, Scarlett Johansson asked for help with the Los Angeles Police Department's on Monday night while leaving from the live show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

CAPTION: Scarlett Johansson in Jimmy Kimmel Live!  SOURCE: Fashionsizzle

According to the Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson, Scarlett arrived at the station while being surrounded by the crowded cameramen and media personality outside the theater. As per the authorities, the actress was not injured neither did she file for the police report. 

After entering the  Los Angeles Police Department, she said that she got scared and alerted them about it before they provided security to her. Later on, she went home safely.

But the actress has not spoken a single word about that incident.

As per some of the reliable sources, she has been the target of the media over the years. Especially, when she tied the knot with  Ryan Reynolds and got pregnant with her daughter. Currently, the media have been interested to know her currently relaitonship with Colin Jost.

Once in 2005, she also had an accident while trying to run away from the paparazzi. She hit another car with a woman and her two kids in nervousness. Fortunately, no one got injured during that time.